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Keeping a pool clean is difficult at the best of times but it is even worse when you are dealing with a buildup of debris. The goal of winter covers is to keep debris out and protect your pool but not all of these tools are created equally. Ditch basic winter pool covers and opt for a safety cover instead. Professional Ottawa safety cover installations offer custom fit materials that keep debris out and keep surrounding areas safe.

It is easy to assume that all pool covers are created equally, but this just isn’t the case. Standard swimming pool covers are not designed to hold weight, making them prone to shifting and sinking. In the event that someone falls onto one of these covers, they will sink into water and potentially become tangled up, making it even more of a risk. Safety covers are just that — safe!

Pool Safety Covers: The Benefits of Custom Covers

The most obvious benefit of a safety cover is the obvious: safety. It is common practice to keep an eye on pool spaces during the summer but as fall settles in, these areas get less attention. A safety cover is a hard line of defence against the elements and unfortunate accidents.

Safety: The number one reason that pool owners install a safety cover is to keep friends, family, guests and even pets safe. A safety cover is designed to hold the weight of an adult in an emergency. It is never safe to step foot on a pool cover but accidents do happen. Having a safety cover can mean the difference between a fall and drowning.

Don’t Get Weighed Down by Winter: A heavy snowfall can impact your water level and condition. Basic covers cannot always handle the weight of a heavy rain or flurry and this often ends with them being pushed into pool water. This means having to fish liners out, which can result in unexpected damage. Safety covers are anchored in and can handle this additional weight.

Easy Debris Removal: Debris that falls on top of covers can be easily cleaned during dry, fall months. Standard covers admit a lot of debris which will degrade over time, causing clogs in filtration systems and lead to straining. Dry items can easily be swept away or blown away with a leaf blower.

Reduce Algae Growth: Solid covers block out the sunlight. When sunlight can reach pool water, it creates a damp, covered and well-lit space that is perfect for bacteria and algae to thrive in. By installing a solid cover, water remains clear and creates a less demanding opening process in spring. Solid covers can also help to protect pool liners from fading or cracks caused by exposure to sunshine.

Ditch Pooling Water: Traditional pool covers allow water to pool on top of them. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria — and mosquitoes! A mesh cover allows water to seep down into basins so it is not left to sit.

Durable Materials: Safety covers are more durable than basic models and come with long-term warranties. Winter covers are made from high quality, UV resistant materials that are easy to clean.

Safety Covers For Pools: Guaranteed Great Results

The most common time to install safety covers is over the fall and winter seasons, but they are excellent options at any time of year. If you are planning a prolonged vacation or are not keen to open a pool system for a long period (two weeks or more). These additions can benefit an inground pool by keeping out debris, keeping individuals safe and protecting pools over low traffic periods.

Traditional pool covers are held in place by water or sand bags, which in themselves are a tripping hazard. Safety covers are anchored in and sit flush with raised walls or foundations so they are not hazards. Much like a vinyl liner, installing a cover means needing exact pool measurements to ensure there are no gaps in-between. Hiring an expert to install a safety cover provides peace of mind alongside a functional and high quality cover.

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