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Nothing beats the sound of running water when you are hoping to relax. A wall fountain can add to a garden, while a stand-alone feature can be a draw in public settings but no matter where you keep them, fountains and features need regular care. Expert Stoney Creek water feature maintenance helps to eliminate negative effects, such as contaminated water, algae, bacteria, foul smells and discolouration.

Whether you are dealing with an indoor fountain or are hoping to treat features in an outdoor space, there are threats to both of these. It can feel impossible to keep up with all of the demands of your water features, so why not off load these chores onto a professional? For interiors or outdoor spaces, Puddle experts treat features from the ground, up!

Water Feature Care: What to Know

You might be familiar with caring for a fountain or might be completely new to the world of feature maintenance, but in either case, there is always something new to learn. Scooping a bit of debris off of water surfaces is simple enough but when you want real results, this is not enough to get there.

Keeping Water Clean: Everyone wants crystal clear water running through their systems, but this can be a tough nut to crack. Unlike the distilled water that you can find in a bottle, outdoor fountains are difficult to keep clean. It is easy for an outdoor water fountain to slip into disrepair, as it is up against the elements at all times. If water becomes imbalanced, it does not take long to move from clear to teal, and eventually an off-green, signalling bacteria growth.

Managing Mechanics: A proper filtration system is key to keeping debris in check, but it also helps to disperse chemicals and sanitizers throughout the system. The tricky part about treating these areas is that they are often hiding in hard to reach areas. When managing an outdoor fountain, pumps are often found in odd, covered areas, such as sheds or small boxes. When left out in the elements, mechanics can rust or run down, so regular inspections are key.

Regular water fountain cleaning can prevent build up and scale from forming inside systems. Also, depending on the elements, both indoors and outside, you can expect an impact to water levels. A drop in water level can impact mechanics, and leave marks and residue behind. Instead of taking a soft cloth to these areas and hoping for the best, trust the professionals.

Water Fountain Maintenance: Why Call the Pros

From indoor spaces to a garden fountain, regular maintenance is key. Trying to clean these areas without proper knowledge can lead to water into an electrical outlet, leading to issues and fried circuits. Keep your fountain running with a bit of help from a fully insured pro. Each member of the Puddle Pools team is fully insured to protect our practices and your property.

Depending on the surrounding plant life around your property, your feature might require more frequent care – and that is fine with us! By offering services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, our team is about to treat any and all fountain types. Call today or a free quote.

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