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A clean and inviting swimming pool is a huge advantage for businesses. Access to a lap pool can draw in customers around a gym or fitness centre, while an on-site pool can attract guests in a hotel capacity. In the same way that a great pool can draw positive attention, a neglected pool or cloudy water can leave a negative impression. When you want the best results for your swim space, call a Puddle technician for your Stoney Creek commercial pool services.

Keeping a pool clean is a complicated process that involves looking at many different parts. A proper cleaning is not only time consuming, but it can be difficult to get the right result. Missing even one aspect of commercial pool and spa maintenance can quickly result in cloudy water, algae blooms, discolouration and, in some cases, illness. Ditch the risk by calling a Puddle Pro!

Commercial Pool Cleaning: Building A Schedule That Works

The pool or hot tub can act as the centrepiece for a commercial space, meaning they are almost always in use. Commercial pool and spa spaces are usually very high traffic environments. With each body that enters your system, there are items left behind. This can be something as simple as hair or skin oils, as well as body and hair products that seep off and enter pool water, leaving residue behind on pool walls.

For outdoor water features, organic debris is a real issue. A strong wind can let loose leaves, sticks, pinecones, seed pods and others, letting them land on water surfaces. Floating debris can clog pool filters, leading to strain on circulation systems. Without a functional circulation system, pool water will quickly become cloudy and will begin to collect bacteria. Over time, floating debris will sink, resting against pool bottoms and staining liners. Guests and customers are less inclined to jump into a pool if there is visible staining.

No matter the type of pool you are dealing with, water chemistry and balance is key to keeping swimmers safe. Simple test strips can point out issues with chlorine or pH levels but in a complex environment or shared swim space, there is more at play than just that. Even in a salt water environment, it is important to consistently check up on water levels and balance chemicals to ensure swimmers are safe.

Regular commercial pool maintenance means a regular schedule for weekly or bi-weekly services, as well as seasonal practices. An indoor pool might be usable throughout the entire year, but outdoor models need to be closed down for the season. Pool closings are complicated practices but our team of experts have made them into an art form. When treating an in-ground swim space or above ground pool, it is important to drain water to reduce the risk of freezing, or install water bags. A pool opening requires a multi-part chemical treatment, including algaecides that need to be measured and balanced. A DIY approach often ends in subpar results or damage.

Calling a Puddle Pro For Your Commercial Pool Care

Puddle technicians are not your average pool cleaner! Our team of experts have spent years fine tuning our skills to better serve our communities. With top equipment, years of experience and on-going training, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. Call Puddle for your opening, closing and regular care. By offering cost-competitive pricing and excellent customer service, our crews can serve properties of all shapes, sizes and styles.

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