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There are plenty of ways to enjoy a swimming pool, but cleaning usually isn’t one of them. Summer days should be spent enjoying leisure time, not being stuck skimming out pools. It can be tough to keep up with the needs of a swim space, but our Puddle Pros are here to help! Calling a professional for your Stoney Creek residential pool services ensures a safe and sanitary swim space, without having to give up your free time.

Unlike a fitness centre or hotel, pool care at home is left solely up to the homeowner. Without technical knowledge and training, it can be tough put test strips to use assessing water chemistry, or get great results skimming. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your water system, call a Puddle Pro instead.

Residential Pool Care: The Importance of Routine

Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground model, these water systems have a basin, a circulation system and, usually, a liner. Maintaining pool water is great, but it is not the only aspect of your system that needs regular attention. Taking an amateur approach to pool cleaning can mean missing out on a key step in this process, leading to widespread issues.

Treating Pool Water: When you test the water with simple test strips, you might get a read on the chlorine level, but these often don’t identify those trickier metrics. Even freshly cleaned water won’t stay that way if it is not properly balanced. If you have begun to notice algae blooms, it is important to apply algaecides to kill this invasive growth. Regular water treatments and balancing can reduce the risk of cloudy water and prevent algae.

Remove Debris: Anyone can flip the switch on a pool vacuum and watch it suck up debris. These tools might be helpful when cleaning the bottom of the pool but they don’t do much for water surfaces, walls or even skimmer baskets. If debris is left floating along surfaces, it can quickly clog up filters and other sensitive areas. These items can also sink to the bottom of pools, leaving permanent staining on liners.

Inspect Structures: Over the course of the year, your pool goes through a lot. There are plenty of reasons that you might experience a small tear in a vinyl liner, but without a trained eye, it can be difficult to spot. Small tears can quickly turn into large ones, resulting in water damage and the need for expensive replacements. With each visit, our Puddle Pros perform visual inspections on liners and surrounding areas to ensure that nothing is being missed.

Monitor Filtration Systems: The pool filter and circulation system are what keep your water flowing. If pool pumps and motors begin to fail, they can’t keep water circulating and chemicals are not being evenly distributed throughout your water. When water is sitting stagnant, it is more at risk of bacteria and algae blooms. Blockages can also restrict water flow and output, and that puts added strain on internal components. When mechanisms are forced to work harder, their lifespan is dramatically shortened.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Local Pool Maintenance

The climate in Stoney Creek can change on a dime. Local technicians understand how shifts in temperature can impact your pool, so ditch the trial and error of fine tuning a DIY approach and call an expert instead. Puddle technicians are highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to protect properties, as well as ourselves.

In addition to offering regular pool cleaning, inspections, water balancing and more, our Puddle experts offer seasonal maintenance practices as well. Make the most out of the swim season with expert pool opening, and close for the season safely with pool closing services.

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