Burlington Water Feature Maintenance

Burlington is known for its character, so why not showcase it as much as you can? A great water fountain can help to add a bit of personality to homes and businesses within your community, but only if they are clean and running smoothly. Professional Burlington water feature maintenance keeps water crystal clear, filters free of blockages and internal components running.

Just like a pool or hot tub, keeping a water feature clean is a matter of health and safety, as well as curb appeal. A fountain is not meant to be swam in but that does not mean that cross-contamination can’t happen. Neglecting your water fountain care can result in digestive issues and skin irritations in individuals, but it can also take a toll on your water system, with mineral deposits, white scale and algae growth. When you want to keep your water system running smoothly, leave the heavy lifting to a Puddle Pro!

An In-Depth Approach to Water Feature Care

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining larger fountains in an outdoor space, as well as smaller models or wall fountains indoors, but this is easier said than done! Caring for a garden fountain means contending with organic debris and interference from the elements, while indoor models have more man-made issues to deal with. In order to get the best results for a water feature, it is important to perform a top to bottom treatment.

Clean the Water: Just like a pool or hot tub, imbalanced water can quickly go cloudy, begin to smell or start to develop algae blooms. In addition to adding sanitizers and performing chemical treatments, it is important to remove debris regularly. Lighter items float along water surfaces, while heavier pieces of debris will sink down to the bottom of your pool. Pennies might litter fountain bottoms indoors while needles, dirt, pinecones and other heavier items need to be removed from outdoor areas. Larger fountains often have multiple tiers which require specialty tools to reach and clean.

Water Pumps, Fountains and Motors: It is easy for water conditions to take centre stage during water fountain cleaning, but it is important to dig a little deeper for the best possible results. One strong breeze can litter water surfaces with leaves, seed pods and more. If left floating, these items can clog up filters, creating strain inside your water system. The efficiency of your system depends on mechanisms like the outdoor fountain pumps and motors. Visual inspections with a trained eye can help to point out any pain points before they become large scale issues.

Seasonal Treatments: It is important to care for your water fountain according to the season. In spring, pollen can take over surfaces and phosphates can impact algae growth. In order to properly close down during fall, it is important to drop the water level in order to protect internal components from damage associated with freezing. Detachable components need to be removed, dried and stored for the cold season. During spring, it is important to replace the water, balance chemicals and scrub surfaces clean.

Puddle Pool Services: Helping Your Fountain Run Smoothly All Year Long

In order to better service our communities, Puddle Pool technicians provide expert fountain care, along with helpful care tips to keep water and structures in great shape throughout the year. Fully insured services combined with excellent customer service and great results provides peace of mind to every one of our customers. With options for regularly scheduled cleaning, as well as deep cleans and seasonal care, our experts can handle fountains of all shapes, sizes and styles in residential, commercial and public environments.

Let an expert clean your fountain, boost your curb appeal and add character to your outdoor spaces.

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