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Ontario is known for its long winters and Burlington is no exception. As temperatures drop, it is time to start thinking about closing down your pool system. It is tough to admit that the swim season is coming to an end, but when the average temperature reaches 15 degrees, most swim spaces will stop seeing regular traffic. Professional Burlington pool closing services can help to protect your pool throughout the cold season, as well as encourage a quick and efficient opening in spring.

Fall Pool Care: Why You Should Close Your Pool

Swimming pools are built tough to withstand the elements, but Canadian winters are in a league of their own. Freezing water is great for an ice rink, but you certainly don’t want it inside your pool system. Pools are made up of many moving parts, some of which are more delicate than others. Without a proper pool closing, you can expect damage to internal components, highly contaminated water and, in some cases, damaged liners or burst pipes.

Avoid Damage: As fall rolls around, so does frost. During fall, property owners will begin to notice freezing and melting around their outdoor spaces, and the same goes for your pool. It would take one heck of a cold snap to freeze an entire pool over, but the lower volume areas are highly at risk, and that means your return lines, pump and filter. By dropping the water level in your inground pool to a few inches below jets and skimmer lines, as well as winterizing drain plugs and taking time to blow out the lines, water can be kept out. If water does freeze inside your system, it will encourage plastic to become brittle and can cause pipes to burst through the expansion and contraction process. In areas like an above ground pool, a water bag can be installed to prevent freezing.

Maintain Pool Accessories & Equipment: In addition to consider how the winter season might impact the pool itself, it is important to think about the surrounding areas. It is always a good idea to incorporate a cleaning and inspection of pool toys and tools as part of your seasonal care. Cleaning off areas like diving boards on opening and closing is a great way to keep them in good condition. Swapping out your safety cover is another excellent idea as the seasons change. Winter covers are more solid than mesh summer varieties, and that will reduce the risk of algae growth while sitting stagnant.

More Efficient Openings: It is common to want to open your pool as soon as the warm weather hits, but if it is in poor shape following the cold season, it will take even longer to clean and sanitize. A professional pool closing can help to ready your swim space for the cold season, paving the way for a quick and efficient opening in spring.

Puddle Pool Services: What Our Technicians Can Do For You

Unlike a standard pool cleaning service, pool closings are demanding, multi-step processes designed to prepare water and structures to survive the long Canadian winter. Waiting too long can lead to serious damage inside your system, while closing too early can mean missing out on some great summer days. Puddle Pool Pros can help home and business owners create a seasonal care schedule that works for your system.

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