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When winter weather finally begins to break, Burlington residents are quick to reach for their bathing suits and hit the pool. Swimming pools are an excellent way to beat the heat, get a tan and get some exercise, but it takes a lot of work to get these up and running for the spring. When you want to open your pool for the swimming season, it is always a good idea to call an expert for quick and effective treatments. Professional Burlington pool opening services create sanitary spaces for swimmers, protect structures and allow clients to enjoy the warm weather.

Spring Pool Care: What to Know About Opening Your Pool

As a pool owner, it is not uncommon to pull back pool covers after winter only to see algae, dirt, discolouration and a whole lot of debris. Even when covered, swimming pools are subject to a range of contaminants throughout the cold months. Diving into contaminated water can lead to serious health issues. Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) come in the form of skin irritations, eye and ear infections, digestive issues and even, in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning.

If the water level inside your pool has been dropped during closing, it is easy enough to refill it using a garden hose but this won’t help to get rid of the bacteria and debris that has collected there. A pool vacuum can suck up sunken debris off of the bottom of a pool but these tools cannot reach into hard angles or corners, can’t clean residue off of walls or scrub algae from stairs. Having pools thoroughly vacuumed, scrubbed and removing debris from skimmer baskets helps to dislodge debris and create a clean slate for a new season.

Testing kits are used to assess the basic chemical levels of your pool, like chlorine and pH levels but after a long period of sitting idle, your water system is likely dealing with algae. When you add pool chemicals, it is important to incorporate algaecides, as well as monitoring total alkalinity. Instead of struggling with test strips, have your water tested by an expert for the best results possible.

Visual inspections of pool equipment and structures are key to keeping your swim space in great condition. Vinyl liners are common throughout the Burlington area, and while these are built tough, they aren’t invincible. There is a huge difference in costs between liners repairs and full replacements. Having a trained eye look over your liners can help to identify problem areas before they turn into large-scale tears. A tear in a liner can quickly result in flooding, leaks, water damage and shifting ground that can lead to cracked foundations.

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