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The elements in Ontario are a lot to take on and swimming pools are always left out in the cold. Over the course of a year, your pool will go through standard wear and tear as well as some unexpected surprises that can result in serious issues like leaks. A leak in your pool is enough to put your swim space out of commission for the swim season but it can also cause serious damage that impacts pool and surrounding areas. If you think you might have sprung a leak don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Burlington pool leak detection services.

Swimming pool leaks can occur in a wide range of areas in and around basins. Pools are built to be tough and durable but they aren’t invincible. In fact, certain areas are very susceptible to damage. Pool liners, for example, can be torn by a piece of sharp debris, allowing water to seep in and rest against concrete structures. Physical damage caused by storms, corroded pipes, loosened fastenings and tree roots can cause breakage and leaks. In order efficiently track down leaks, it is important to identify where the leaks are, isolate the impacted area and get started on fixing the existing issues as well as preventing new ones.

Leak Detection in Pools: The Secret to Success

Swimming pool leaks can occur in open, visible areas or they can happen behind the scenes of your swim space. Water loss in an above ground pool will flood lawns, saturate soil and can even lead to flooding, leaks and water damage in nearby structures. When managing an inground pool you are normally dealing with underground leaks. In either case water will displace soil putting undue strain on structures and materials, leading to potential breakage. Water leaks also force water systems to work harder, using more energy and putting strain on components.

The best way to avoid damage to swimming pools and surrounding areas is with quick identification, assessments and of course, leak repairs. It can be difficult to identify a leak without technical knowledge but there are a couple of things that you can look out for. One of the key indicators to identifying a leak is a drop in water level. If you are losing more than 3-5 inches of water a week, it is time to be concerned. This common water loss is caused by natural evaporation as well as bodies going in and out of pools. If you can’t seem to balance chemicals, it might be because your treatments are seeping right back out. Your water bill will also be increasing steadily when managing a leak.

One of the most common ways to confirm having a leak is with a simple bucket test. This involves grabbing a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the pool itself so it is exposed to the same conditions. If your pool loses more water than the bucket, it is a good indicator that you are dealing with a leak. As soon as you know that you are up against a leak you should call an expert to isolate the affected area and get the ball rolling on leak repair services.

The most commonly used pool detection tools are the pressure test and the dye test. Each of these address a different area of your water system, making it possible to identify whether you are dealing with a plumbing leak or a structural one. A dye test uses strategically placed colours to track down structural leaks and follow them to the source of the problem.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection: Get the Best Results With Puddle

From a tear in a vinyl liner, root damage and broken pipes, there are plenty of ways that a water system can be left leaking. Luckily, our team of Puddle Pros are available to track these down and help to organize necessary repairs before you are dealing with disaster. Each member of the team is local to the Burlington area so we understand the pain points of pool systems and the most common causes for concern. The longer you wait to address your leak, the more at risk your property is. Instead of waiting for worst-case scenario, call a Puddle Pro for expert leak detection around homes and commercial properties.

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