Burlington Seasonal Pool Maintenance

When living in Ontario, it can feel like there are only two seasons: blistering heat in summer and freezing cold in winter. These seasonal changes can come on quickly, catching property owners by surprise and that is bad news for your pool! It can be tough to remember when to close down your pool or choose the opportune time to open up in spring, but our team of Puddle Pros can help! Calling a professional for your Burlington seasonal pool maintenance means getting great results at any time of year.

More than a garden hose and pool skimmer, seasonal pool care depends on tools, resources and technical knowledge, and our technicians have these in spades! For openings, closings, deep cleans and more, no one does it better than our team of local pool technicians.

Seasonal Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Open Up and Close Down

When temperatures begin to drop, shutting down pool systems is incredibly important to avoiding damage, preserving conditions and paving the way for an easier opening in spring. Opening and closing practices work in tandem, and when combined with regular pool cleaning, can help to keep your system running smoothly all year long.

Pool Opening: Even with a proper pool cover, there will be debris inside pool water, inside skimmer baskets and throughout surrounding areas. One of the first steps of the opening process is to remove debris. When lighter debris is left floating along water surfaces, it can clog up the pool filter but it can also, eventually, sink. When debris sinks to the bottom of the pool it rests against liners or tiles, causing permanent staining or algae growth. Once debris is taken care of, water levels can be adjusted and chemical treatments can begin!

Pool Closing: You might be able to pick up a simple closing kit at a pool supply store but these aren’t enough to get great results. Temperatures in Burlington will quickly drop below freezing and stay there for some time. In these cases, outdoor swim spaces can benefit from the addition of pool antifreeze, along with other necessary chemicals. In order to protect the internal aspects of your pool system, it is important to drop water levels to just below jets and skimmer levels. By doing this and winterizing drain plugs, it is possible to reduce the risk of water entering into vulnerable parts of your pool and freezing. If there is water inside return lines, or around the pool pump, filter and motor, it can freeze and expand, leading to burst pipes. In the case of above ground pools, water bags can be installed to prevent water from freezing over. At this point, any detachable pieces can be removed, dried and stored for the season.

In addition to water care and structural inspections, it is important to take care of pool equipment and safety covers. Mesh covers are great for summer, because they allow sunlight to reach pool water, warming it and reducing heat and utility bills. Applying winter covers during closing reduces the amount of sunlight that can reach your water and reduce the risk of algae growth.

Seasonal Pool Care: Maintenance Tips & Excellent Results

Puddle Pool technicians have experience in caring for pools at any time of year. In addition to regular care and cleaning, our experts provide seasonal practices, complete with customized care designed for your space. Water chemistry and pool condition is largely impacted by surrounding areas, including plant life, construction projects and more. Local technicians understand how these impact your pool and understand how to solve issues associated with them. Having water tested by a specialist means getting the best results not only for yourself, but for those individuals swimming inside.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and is fully insured. In addition to great results, our specialists provide peace of mind and excellent customer service.

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