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There is never a bad time for a dip in a swimming pool. In addition to health benefits of a daily swim, a clean and inviting pool is a great way to add value to a property and entertain. As great as a backyard pool party might be, it does not come without a lot of effort. When you want to enjoy the warm summer days, chores shouldn’t get in the way. Professional Burlington pool cleaning services remove the stress of pool maintenance, while getting the best results possible.

Removing debris from water surfaces is simple enough: grab a skimmer and go! Getting rid of floating debris provides an instant visual improvement, but it can’t help to balance water, vacuum pool bottoms, scrub sides or monitor your circulation systems. After years in the industry, our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are able to treat pools from the inside out, improving output, cutting down utility costs and helping clients enjoy the summer sunshine.

The Importance of In-Depth Pool Service

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, pools are subject to a wide range of issues, including cloudy water, algae blooms, a clogged filtration system and even damaged liners. Scheduled care cannot only help to improve the visual appeal of a space but can help to keep swimmers safe and protect internal components from unnecessary wear and tear. When you want to keep your water system flowing, a multi-step approach is the best course of action.

Ditch Debris: A strong wind can dislodge leaves, dust, dirt, seed pods, needles, pinecones and other debris. It is easy to ignore a few pieces of debris floating along the pool surface, but if left unattended, it will sink. If unwanted items are left sitting against a vinyl liner, it can leave permanent staining behind. A basic pool vacuum can suck up sitting debris but standard vacuum heads cannot reach into corners or hard angles, leaving bacteria to collect. In the same way that sunken debris can damage a liner, floating debris can clog the pool filter, putting additional strain on your circulation systems.

Internal Components: Even though you might not see them regularly, there are many internal parts of pool systems that need to be cared for routinely. No matter the type of filter you are dealing with, it is important to check up on filtration systems. This can mean checking the pressure gauge on salt water pools, or changing out filter cartridges. Clearing clogs away from pool circulation systems can help to improve water flow and remove unnecessary strain. If mechanisms are left to struggle, they will wear down on condition, causing damage and resulting in the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

Pool Water: You should not wait until water becomes discoloured to add chemicals. If pool water becomes contaminated, it will take more than a simple testing kit and basic pool cleaner to get the right results. Without appropriate technical training, pool chemicals can be dangerous. Having water tested by a professional means a thorough picture of pH levels, chlorine levels, alkalinity and more.

Monitoring Pool Structures: The majority of pools in the Burlington area are equipped with a vinyl liner. These add a bit of aesthetic flair but they are also vulnerable to tears. A small tear can quickly become a larger one, which allows water to flow into sensitive areas, causing damage. Visual inspections by a professional can provide insight into the condition of your liner and can help to point out pain points so repairs can be organized, before they are full-blown disasters.

Puddle Pool Services: Routine Care and Seasonal Services

If the thought of regular pool care seems daunting to you — you are not alone! Hiring an expert to take over your pool care and maintenance means great results from top to bottom. Our team of Puddle technicians can inspect liners, monitor the pool pump, shock your pool, balance water chemistry and clean skimmer baskets without breaking a sweat.

On-going training keeps our Puddle technicians ahead of the pack for pool care practices, while fully insured services provide peace of mind and expert results. Cost-competitive practices make excellent pool care accessible for any budget. By providing services to residential, commercial and public swim spaces, our Puddle technicians are able to serve our communities, one property at a time.

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