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Every year, Burlington residents and tourists pay big money for access to swimming pools. This might be around hotels, gyms and wellness centres, but no matter where you swim it is important to make sure it is clean! For property owners and hotel managers, caring for a shared swim space takes up a lot of time and energy — which can be hard to keep up with! Professional Burlington commercial pool services help to maintain a clean and sanitary space, as well as improving efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your structure and mechanisms.

In a shared environment, like a fitness centre or hotel pool, managers are responsible for up to hundreds of individuals per day. All it takes is forgetting one pool cleaning to result in recreational water illness, which can ruin your reputation with a few bad reviews. Protect your guests by calling an expert to preserve pool water quality and ensure your structures are in great shape.

Who Can Benefit From Commercial Pool Care?

High traffic areas can benefit from a regular maintenance schedule, while cleaning a pool and spa can help to sell homes from a real estate perspective, or create clean spaces following construction projects.

Post-Construction & Landscaping Pool Services: Something as common as leaf blowing might help to improve the look of your lawn, but it can also deposit debris into pools and water systems. Leaves clutter water surfaces while dirt and dust will land and float down to pool bottoms. Without professional cleaning, this contamination can clog your pool filter, impact water chemistry, and cause damage or staining to vinyl liners.

Real Estate Pool Services: Staging a home indoors is great when selling a home but no amount of interior decorating can cover up a dirty pool. Calling a commercial swimming pool cleaner to handle your exterior staging is a great way to improve curb appeal and allow potential buyers to envision themselves kicking back poolside in the summer months.

Shared Swim Spaces & Hotel Pool Care: In an high traffic environment, water systems might require a cleaning and water balance multiple times a week. In the same way that a pool and spa requires regular cleaning to run smoothly, so do water features. If a larger fountain is the centrepiece of a lobby, it is important for water to run crystal clear and be free of discolouration or bad smells. Commercial pool maintenance doesn’t just stop at standing indoor pools but extends outside and covers hot tubs and water fountains as well.

Commercial Pool Cleaning: What Our Puddle Pros Do For You

Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of a high traffic space, call an expert for routine care or single service calls. Having your water tested by the experts means more than assessing chlorine levels. In order to ensure your water stays balanced, our Puddle Pros measure pH levels, as well as total alkalinity. With top of the line pool equipment, fully insured technicians and years of industry experience, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible results.

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