Pickering Water Feature Maintenance

Adding a fountain is a great way to add curb appeal and it can help to complete any ideal landscape design but these don’t come without a lot of maintenance. Water features are complex systems made up of many moving parts. If just one of these starts to fail you are looking at a ripple effect that will leave your fountains looking green, smelling awful and will send guests, tenants and/or customers running in the other direction. When you want your water crystal clear and systems running smoothly call Puddle for your Pickering water feature maintenance. 

Water feature care is about more than managing water. It might be the first thing that you notice when dealing with a fountain but if you want to keep your systems in good, working order it is important to figure out what makes them tick. Anyone can throw in a few chemicals here and there and hope for the best but when you want real results it is important to view your water systems as a series of different parts that all need attention. For in-depth cleaning and care trust a highly trained expert to break your services down into multiple steps that address fountains inside and out. 

What Makes Water Fountain Care So Tricky? 

Unlike a standard pool or hot tub, a water fountain is often large, difficult to navigate and features multiple tiers. Depending on the type of water fountain you are dealing with a simple cleaning night not be so simple after all. Removing debris from higher areas means stepping on slippery surfaces or using a ladder which can quickly lead to slips, trips and falls. A garden fountain is prone to algae growth and organic debris. You can’t scrub this away with a bit of mild soap and a scrub brush. Basic tools might make a superficial visual difference but when you want real results it takes a more technical approach. 

Structures: Anywhere that water is involved there is a risk of algae, mold, mildew, mineral deposits and calcium buildup. If there is algae forming on your concrete structures taking a heavy-handed approach to removing it can cause damage. An amateur approach to removal can lead to broken bits and pieces, bald patches and other issues. 

Fountain Water: The water inside your fountain is up against the same elements that a pool or hot tub is but it often doesn’t get the same level of attention or water treatments. You aren’t supposed to swim in a fountain but that doesn’t mean contaminated water isn’t an issue. All it takes is one person putting their hand into dirty water to lead to both minor and major health risks. Chemically treating the water in your fountain regularly keeps it crystal clear and flowing smoothly. 

Internal Systems: Sitting water is dirty water and that is what makes a fountain pump so important. It is easy to lose track of the plumbing systems and equipment that are working behind the scenes but without these you will be dealing with contamination in no time. Outdoor fountain pumps are often found behind panels, in storage boxes or even buried nearby. 

Deep Cleaning: Regular deep cleans or system refreshes keep your fountain cleaner, over longer periods. This process doesn’t just improve visuals at the surface, it keeps your fountain running smoothly. It all starts with a specialized water treatments designed to pull any gunk or buildup out of return lines and plumbing. From here, it is time to drain the water. Concrete structures can then be acid washed or models with liners can be scrubbed. Once clean, water levels are restored and your fountain is left running better than ever. 

Puddle Water Fountain Cleaning: Expert Results For Indoor and Outdoor Features 

All fountains are unique and your cleaning programs should be too! If your feature is often green or contaminated by organics in the area it might need some additional attention, especially during a high heat/high growth season. In order to keep up with the needs of our clients Puddle technicians provide customized service plans according to the unique needs of your system. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Pickering area, so we have a better understanding of what property owners — and fountains — are dealing with! In addition to being highly trained and experienced, Puddle technicians are fully insured and provide transparent pricing, as well as affordable rates. 

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