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Having a pool might be all sunshine and rainbows but keeping it clean is no walk in the park! Maintaining a clean and sanitary swim space isn’t as simple as tossing in a few chlorine pucks and skimming water surfaces every now and then. Whether at home or in a commercial space, pool care should always be a top priority but it can be difficult to keep up — until you call Puddle, that is! Professional Pickering pool cleaning services keep water clear, swimmers safe and we do it all at an affordable price, so call today! 

On the surface, a swimming pool might seem pretty simple: you put water in, throw in a bit of chlorine and toss on a cover. It would be great if this is all that it took to maintain a clean swim space but that just isn’t the case. Shocking the pool is a great way to clear away a bit of cloudiness in water but this doesn’t mean that it is safe to swim in. If you are having a tough time keeping up with the needs of your swim space, don’t learn to live with discolouration and clogged filters when you can have a local Puddle technician handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Made Simple 

Keeping water clean is an important part of a pool care routine but its not the only thing that keeps your swim space in great shape. In order to keep your pool free of bacteria and algae it is important to keep track of pool surfaces, as well as the water systems hard at work behind the scenes. It is easy to overlook filters and pool equipment when they are out of sight but these are some of the most important aspects of your swimming pool. In order to get the best results for your pool cleaning, our experienced technicians break the process down into multiple steps that address your swimming pool inside and out. 

Keeping Up With Water Chemistry: You can spend day and night trying to skim the surface of your pool but if chlorine levels are imbalanced there is no hope of it ever looking clean. Sanitizers are an important part of maintaining a sanitary swim space and they help to reduce the risk of algae growth but there is more to water chemistry than just that. Having water tested by an expert means getting insight into your chlorine levels, as well as alkalinity, calcium and pH levels. 

Managing Debris: Depending on the plant life around your pool, you might be dealing with all sorts of unwanted items. It is easy to flip the switch on a robotic pool cleaner but they aren’t always effective. Take a basic pool vacuum for example, heads are not designed to navigate hard angles. This means sunken items get pushed into corners where they will break down over time, causing permanent stains on liners. Unwanted items floating along pool surfaces will either end up in skimmer baskets or will break apart and build blockages and clogs around pool filters. 

Monitoring Pool Equipment: Sitting water is dirty water, it is true out in the woods and it is true for swimming pools too. If water isn’t moving it can’t circulate chemicals and sanitizers throughout the basin, meaning it will be contaminated again in no time. Even if you aren’t using your swim space often, it is important to run the pump on a timer to make sure that water stays running. If a pool pump begins to fail, it will be a serious problem in no time. Clogged filters also cause unnecessary strain on water systems and that means wear and tear. Keep your sand or cartridge filter clean and avoid the need for premature repairs or replacements. 

Puddle Pool Service: Expert Results & Affordable Services 

When you want the best results for your swim space ditch the simple test strips and call an expert instead. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced but they also provide peace of mind with fully insured services. With options for a routine cleaning program, service calls, deep clean, seasonal treatments, inspections and even pool leak detection services, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. 

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