Pickering Hot Tub Maintenance

A bit of warm water can soothe sore muscles and spas are a great way to add value to your property. There are plenty of benefits to having an accessible tub nearby but this doesn’t come without a bit of hard work. You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bath water and a dirty hot tub is just that! Contaminated water looks awful, smells worse and is a serious risk to health and safety. Keep your spa clean and running smoothly by calling Puddle for your Pickering hot tub maintenance. 

Cleaning your hot tub isn’t as easy as grabbing a bit of mild soap to remove residue. Bleach cleaners will strip away protective coatings and harsh techniques like pressure washing and wire brushes will damage shells. Taking a DIY approach to cleaning your spa might seem like a great way to cut costs but it can end up costing you more in the long run. Don’t settle for subpar results or risk unnecessary damage when you can call a local Puddle Pro instead! 

Hot Tub Care: Getting the Best Results For Your Water System 

No one wants to pull back their spa cover to find green water, algae blooms, white mold or foul smells. This is bad enough at home but for a business, it can be a serious issue. Dirty water systems will have shorter life spans, cause an increase in utility bills and a whole lot of headache! 

Routine Cleaning Programs: In order to keep up with the needs of your spa and water system, it is important to stay consistent. You can clean and balance hot tub water on a weekly basis for months but missing even one chemical treatment can send your water system into a spiral. Creating a cleaning plan that suits the unique needs of your water systems and surrounding areas is the best way to keep your tub in great shape. By calling Puddle for regularly cleaning of your hot tub you can expect an experienced technician to arrive to your property on a bi-weekly basis. Once on the scene, technicians will test and balance spa water, use speciality tools to remove debris from floors and seats, scrub away residue, empty floating filter baskets and monitor return lines and filters. 

Deep Cleans: Even with a regular cleaning program it is important to perform routine deep cleans or refreshes to keep your system running smoothly. A Refresh is the process of applying a multi-part chemical treatment that flows through plumbing and return lines, loosening and pulling out any buildup that may have formed within pipes. This is then pushed into the shell which is then drained. Before you try to drain the hot tub on your own, consider that this involves unleashing a ton of water into your yard. An influx of water can lead to flooded basements, drowned lawns, rot and damage. Once empty, the shell, jets and head rests are scrubbed clean and it is time to refill the hot tub with a simple garden hose. Once full again water is balanced for chlorine/bromine levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. This is also the ideal time to clean the hot tub filters as necessary. 

If you are planning to drain and clean your hot tub, ask a Puddle Pro about an optional Full Shampoo service. This involves a specialized cleaning of exterior spaces like shells and hot tub covers. When you want to keep your filter cleaner, your water crystal clear and your systems running smoothly just call a local expert. 

Puddle Hot Tub Cleaning: Great Results For Residential and Commercial Spas 

Don’t rely on a basic test kit to keep your swim space safe and sanitary, call Puddle instead. Puddle technicians are local to the Pickering area so we understand what makes your water systems tick. In order to keep up with the needs of your spa our Puddle crews offer plenty of options for cleaning programs. 

In a standard use hot tub, bi-weekly treatments are often enough to maintain a sanitary space but if you are dealing with a high traffic environment your water system might need more attention — but we have got you covered! In addition to customizable cleaning programs Puddle offers transparent pricing so you always know exactly what you are paying for and are never surprised with a higher than expected bill. 

With options for booking appointments online or by phone, there is never a bad time to book an appointment with a local pool specialist. 

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