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When the weather outside is freezing and it is getting dark earlier, you are likely dreaming about the upcoming swimming season, It is no wonder that pool owners want to fire up their water systems at the first sign of warm weather and sunshine but it is important to open up right. After months of sitting idle pool water is likely cloudy, green, full of debris and algae and it probably smells awful — no one wants to dive into that! Don’t waste your first days of spring on trial and error when you can call Puddle for a quick and efficient Pickering pool opening. 

Like anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to open your pool. An amateur approach often ends up with subpar results but it will also eat into your swim time. Without the right technical knowledge it can take weeks to restore water condition and balance chemistry — and that doesn’t include debris removal, scrubbing or checking return lines and water systems. When you want the best results for your swim space without sacrificing all of your leisure time, call a local Puddle expert for all of your spring pool care needs. 

Expert Pool Opening Services: What to Expect 

Pool maintenance is more complicated than meets the eye and that is particularly true when you want to clean your pool after months of sitting idle. You might be used to skimming out a bit of debris during spring/summer but opening up is a whole different ballgame. The first step to an efficient opening is to undo the closing processes. 

Winterizing plugs, dropping the water level and installing a winter cover are all parts of a winter closure but failing to undo these will have a negative impact on your opening. It is easy enough to grab a garden hose to refill the water level but that is just the beginning! If there was any pool equipment that was removed for storage during the winter it should be reinstalled and then the fun can really begin! 

Even with a pool cover, debris has a way of making its way into swimming pools. When pulling back the pool cover in spring you are likely going to be confronted with a ton of built up debris both at the bottom of the pool and floating along water surfaces. It is easy to skim surfaces but dealing with everything below the surface is tricky. In order to get the full view of exactly what you are dealing with it is important to restore water levels and apply an initial shock treatment to clear away some cloudiness and discolouration so you can see exactly what you are dealing with! 

Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum might provide a superficial improvement and help with visuals but when you want to fully remove unwanted items it takes a manual vacuum to dig into corners, hard angles or the space around stairs. There is likely residue that has built up around the water line which will need to be scrubbed away using a speciality brush that will not damage protective coatings or cause damage. 

It takes a specially made mix of chemical treatments to restore water condition after the off-season but it is still important to perform regular balancing. This means balancing chlorine levels but it also means treating pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. This is also the ideal time to check up on your pool filter to make sure that your system stays in good working order. 

Ditch the simple test strips and opt for reliable and affordable pool openings throughout the Pickering, Durham Region and beyond. With options for booking online or by-phone, our customers can reach out 24 hours a day so it is never a bad time to book your pool opening. 

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