Pickering Pool Inspections

A swimming pool can be a major selling feature for both homes and businesses but only if they are in good condition. In fact, a damaged pool system can send potential buyers running in the other direction. Just because pool water looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean that structures, plumbing and equipment are in good shape. If you are buying a home with a pool, selling one or are noticing issues with your water system it is always a good idea to call a local pool inspection. Puddle technicians provide in-depth Pickering pool inspections that focus on condition and functionality so you can rest easy. 

Anyone that works in real estate will tell you how important it is to have a home inspection done before a sale is finalized. This is a great practice but it is important to note that not all home inspectors are experienced in dealing with swimming pools. Anytime there are water systems involved it is a good idea to schedule a professional pool inspection but you should make sure that it is the right one! There are plenty of swimming pool inspections on the market, some of which are focused on permitting and insurance but when you want to know if a swimming pool in functional, you need a Level I Pool Inspection. 

Level I Pool Inspection Services: What to Expect 

Unlike some other inspection services, a Level I pool inspection is designed to provide insight into the condition and functionality of a swim space and the surrounding area. Experienced technicians involve visual inspections, testing and an assessment of safety issues in the area. 

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can point out even the smallest issues before they become disasters. This can mean inspecting pool liners and surfaces for tears in vinyl or slab cracks in concrete. Visual assessments of pressure gauges offer insight into filters and return lines can shows signs of strain that are identified by our experts. 

Testing: There is nothing worse than trying to fire up a pool heater only to discover that it doesn’t work. The same goes for plumbing lines and pool pumps. Without these components pools can never be fully cleaned and it requires costly repairs and replacements to get systems up and running. Puddle technicians test internal water lines to ensure that everything is working as it should be. 

Safety Assessments: Ladders, railings, slides and diving boards turn swimming pools into a fun and safe place for your family, friends, tenants and guests — or at least they should! If you don’t use a slide regularly, you likely won’t notice if fixtures are coming loose. In the event of loosened bolts or corrosion these safety additions aren’t safe anymore and can lead to serious damage and injury. Puddle Pros will check up on these areas and pool decks for insight into any repairs that might be needed. 

Please note that a Level I Pool Inspection is designed to provide insight into the condition of a pool, spa or hot tub, but these can’t be used for permitting or construction purposes and don’t come with a written report. 

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