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A quick internet search will show up tons of tips for fall pool maintenance but how many of these are reliable? An improper closing can have serious consequences not just for your swimming pool but for the surrounding area as well. Instead of dealing with the risk of burst pipes or other damage, call a local Puddle Pro for your Pickering pool closing. Our team of experts are committed to protecting your pool from winter weather and setting the stage for an easier opening in spring. 

Swimming pools are often a top priority during the summer months but when temperatures start to drop they often fall off the radar. Instead of just pulling on a winter cover and forgetting about your pool throughout fall and winter, it is incredibly important to close your pool properly. Pools are made to be durable but they aren’t invincible, so trust a local Pro to protect your pool and avoid costly damage. 

Fall Pool Care: What to Know 

It is tough to admit that summer is coming to an end but when you find yourself bundling up it is important to remember that your swimming pool is still exposed to the elements. As soon as the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees it is time to start thinking about closing down your pool. 

When the weather is warm clean pool water is an asset but during winter they are a big liability. It takes long periods of sub-zero temperatures to freeze over an entire pool basin but there are plenty of other areas to worry about. If there are small amounts of water inside return lines or sitting inside equipment it will freeze much more quickly and can cause serious issues. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water will expand up to 9%. That might seem like a small number but it is enough to cause pipes to burst. A burst pipe is never good but it is particularly bad in winter. A broken pipe can lead to flooded basements and drowned lawns. 

As if the risk of freezing wasn’t enough, an improper closing allows algae growth to take over, discolouring water and letting contaminants run wild. With all of this in mind, when you want to open your pool you are going to be met with an unpleasant surprise! Instead of dealing with the fallout of a DIY disaster, have an expert close your pool with a multi-step approach. Luckily, there is a local Puddle crew in the Pickering area. 

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Our Approach 

When you want to winterize your pool no one gets better results than our highly trained Puddle crews. Whether you are looking to install water bags in an above ground pool or winterize an inground pool, there is nothing that our technicians can’t handle. You might be concerned with water chemistry during the height of summer but if you want to protect your pools over the winter, ditch the test kit and call an expert. 

It is important to drop the water level in an inground pool so water can’t reach vulnerable areas like return lines or sitting around pool pumps. Detachable components can be dried and stored for the off-season. Puddle technicians drain the water from your pool basin so the levels fall below the skimmer lines. From here, winter chemicals are applied to prevent freezing and reduce the rate of algae growth. After a thorough cleaning, debris removal and emptying of the skimmer basket it is time to get your pool covered. 

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