St. Catharines Water Feature Maintenance

For most property owners creating their ideal landscaping design, there is usually a fountain somewhere. They might be the focal point of a yard or a subtle addition but no matter the size or style, it is important to keep these water fountains clean. Keeping your fountain working properly means keeping water clean and free of debris, internal systems running and filters clean. St. Catharines water feature maintenance provides expert cleaning for fountains of all shapes and sizes, done safely at an affordable rate. 

Water feature care is not as simple as it might look from the outside. Outdoor fountains are up against the same elements as a pool or hot tub but they often get a lot less attention than a swim space does. If not cleaned and treated regularly you can expect to see algae growth, mineral deposits, foul smells and clogged lines. If you want to keep your fountain running smoothly let Puddle create a customized cleaning program that meets the unique needs of your home or business. 

Water Fountain Care: Avoid a DIY Disaster 

Whenever you are dealing with an outdoor space, you are dealing with the elements and you are dealing with debris. If you start to notice algae growing on structures a bit of mild soap and scrub brush aren’t enough to get rid of it. Taking a tougher approach like harsh chemicals can strip away protective coatings and a power washing will blast away aged or weakened materials. Instead of taking a risk, call a Puddle technician for reliable treatments and excellent results. 

Removing the debris from a fountain is easy at the ground level but this isn’t the only area that gets clogged up. The larger your fountain, the more difficult it is to navigate. When you are dealing with multiple tiers, it means having to use ladders to reach these heights. Damp surfaces or those with algae are slippery. Stepping onto one of these to reach a higher tier can quickly result in slips and falls. Scrubbing away stains from rough textures is complicated and can lead to damage, bald spots or even cracks, so leave the heavy lifting up to an expert! 

Puddle Water Feature Cleaning: Excellent Results Throughout St. Catharines 

If you are struggling to clean your fountain regularly or just aren’t sure how to get the best results, trust an industry expert to do it for you! After years of industry experience our team of Puddle Pros are able to clean any type of water feature, inside and out. With options for regular cleaning programs as well as seasonal care and deep cleans, there is never a bad time to call Puddle. 

Experience is an invaluable tool when it comes to keeping fountains running smoothly. For example, it is easy to overlook the internal components and systems that keep running water, running — like the fountain pump. Cleaning the pump and flushing the lines can help to remove any buildup that has happened behind the scenes. Whether you are looking to balance water, inspect the water pump or drain the water entirely, one call to Puddle gets great results for homes and businesses throughout the Niagara region. 

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