St. Catharines Pool Leak Detection

Anytime you are dealing with water, there is always a chance of a leak. This applies to everything from indoor plumbing to fish tanks but when dealing with a swimming pool, a leak is a serious problem. Most swimming pools hold hundreds or thousands of gallons of water at a time so even a small leak will lead to serious water loss. If you suspect that your swimming pool is losing water, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro. St. Catharines pool leak detection services will not only track the location of the leak but isolate the problem area for repair, all at an affordable rate. 

If you begin to notice water loss in your in pool, spa or hot tubs, there are two primary causes: natural evaporation or a leak. If there is a leak in your pool you will not only notice a drop in your water level but there will be other signs as well. Experienced pool leak detection technicians are able to confirm the presence of a leak, determine whether it is structural or inside plumbing lines, as well as what area your water loss stems from. 

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For 

As a pool owner you might be familiar with cleaning and maintenance but when it comes to dealing with leaks, it is a whole new ballgame. Even measuring the water level can be tough but our Puddle Pros are here to help. The first step to pool leak detection is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place. 

Evaporation occurs naturally around pools and hot tubs. When temperatures are high water burns off and in the case of a high traffic swim space, every swimmer that passes through drags pool water out with them. Over a high heat, high traffic weekend you can expect that your water levels will be lower than when you started. Natural water loss shouldn’t exceed 3-5 inches per week. If you are noticing more than that, it is time to consider that you might be dealing with a leak. If your pool water levels are low and your water bill is on the rise, it is time to call for expert testing. 

Structural Leaks: Swimming pools are built to be tough but they aren’t invincible. It takes a lot to damage concrete and areas surrounding pools but it does happen. Shifting soil can lead to uneven weight and cracking, while a storm can cause heavy debris to fall on poolsides, causing slab cracks and damage. Sharp pieces of debris that make their way into pools cause tears in pool liners, which will lead to leaks. By turning off the pool pump and waiting for water to sit still, coloured dyes can be applied to pool water. In the case of a structural leak, dyes will be attracted to the vacuum of water seeping out. By following the trail left behind by dyes, technicians have an idea of where the water loss is coming from and this is called the dye test. 

Plumbing Leaks: If you suspect that you are dealing with leaks in pipes or pool equipment, it can be tricky to narrow down problem areas. By applying a consistent stream of air to plumbing lines, it is possible to track down cracks or openings. If air makes contact with a crack it will create air bubbles that can be tracked visually. An underground leak will saturate soil, so when it connects with an air stream, will make gurgling noises that can be followed using specialized listening tools. 

With options for booking leak detection services online and over the phone, Puddle customers can reach out to book services 24 hours a day. In addition to pool leak detection, our team of highly trained technicians offer routine pool cleaning programs, seasonal treatments like openings and closings, as well as inspections to make sure that your swimming pool stays in top shape all year long. 

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