St. Catharines Pool Inspections

When a swimming pool is in good working order it is easy to enjoy and can help to make the most out of the spring/summer season. However, when a pool is in bad shape it can lead to expensive repairs and serious headaches. If you are looking to purchase a home with an existing pool or are noticing that your water systems don’t seem to be working properly, an inspection can help put things in perspective. Puddle technicians provide peace of mind with St. Catharines pool inspections for residential and commercial properties. 

Whenever a property changes hands, a home inspection is common practice. You wouldn’t invest in a new house without knowing that it has a solid foundation so why should a pool be any different? Swimming pool inspections don’t only provide buyers and real estate agents with a clear picture of pools and spas, they give peace of mind to sellers as well. The average home inspector does not have extensive knowledge of swimming pools but local Puddle Pros are ready to inspect and report so you can cannonball with confidence! 

Pool Inspection Services: What to Expect 

There are plenty of reasons to get a pool inspection but not all of these will have the same focus point. Some inspections are done for the purpose of building permits or insurance purposes but these don’t check to see if the pool is working properly! If you are consider buying a home with a pool, you want to make sure that the swim space is functional and ready to use. 

Without technical knowledge it is easy to overlook a small issue that will get worse over time. By being able to point out the need for repair and the presence of potential issues, a Puddle pool inspector can help you avoid disaster and maybe even work the cost of repairs into the sale price. 

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can identify even small issues with pool surfaces and the condition of internal components. A slab crack is a sign of physical damage but it might also mean that there is a slow leak somewhere nearby. Small tears in vinyl liners, cracks in return lines or cracked concrete are all signs of a greater issue so trust a pro to track them down for you. 

System Testing: No one wants to finalize a sale only to find out that you are stuck needing to replace your pool heater. Having an expert check up on pressure gauges, heaters, return lines and more, to ensure that your system is running as it should be and equipment is in good, working order. 

Safety Features: In addition to keeping an eye on the condition of the pool itself, it is important to monitoring safety features in the surrounding area. If a ladder or railing has come loose it is hazard that can lead to serious injuries. A professional pool inspector will consider the area around your pool as well, making sure there are no glaring safety hazards. 

Turning a pool into a fun and safe place for your family, friends, tenants and even customers to enjoy, all starts with an in-depth inspection and our Puddle Pros are here to help! Our local Puddle Pros understand the most common issues with swimming pools in St. Catharines and the Niagara Falls area. When you are curious about condition, the swimming pool experts in your area are only a phone call away! 

The best way to inspect your pool for peace of mind is with a Level I pool inspection. It is important to note that this type of inspection does not come along with a written report but does provide valuable insight into overall condition and functionality. 

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