Ancaster Water Feature Maintenance

Running water can be an incredibly relaxing sound, so it is no wonder that more and more property owners are installing indoor and outdoor water fountains. Whether you have a desktop water feature, a wall model or have chosen an outdoor water fountain, each of these requires care and maintenance in order to keep running smoothly. Luckily, our Puddle Pool Pros are able to provide Ancaster water feature maintenance for all of your fountains.

Indoors and out, both small and larger fountains are at risk of murky water, mineral deposits and white scale buildup. You might enjoy the look and feel of these features but taking the time to clean your fountain requires a lot of commitment, technical knowledge, and maybe even some heavy lifting. When you want the best for your water fountain cleaning but can’t commit the time or energy, leave it to an expert!

How to Keep Your Fountain Running

Across the world, some fountains have been around for hundreds of years but your backyard fountain likely does not have the same structural makeup as more ancient varieties. Outdoor fountains are at the mercy of the elements, having to withstand quick shifts in temperature, animal interference and surrounding plant life. Having organics, such as leaves, pollen and other natural items, floating in your pool means bacteria, which can lead to algae and chemical imbalances.

Proper water feature care means treating the water itself, the structure of the fountain and the mechanisms that keep it running. In order to fight off bacteria, proper sanitizers need to be not only used, but circulated throughout water sources to ensure that every drop is being treated as it sits in your system. In order to keep sanitizers running, it is important to care for pumps, motors and filtration systems.

Improper inspection and cleaning of indoor and outdoor fountain pumps can lead to a slow decline in water quality that will then begin to present itself in other, unexpected ways. Aside from the necessary technical knowledge required to treat these areas, sometimes they are just plain tough to find! Knowing to unplug the pump before treatment is one thing, but finding it is another. When treating a wall fountain, for example, pumps and motors might be covered behind a panel, or located in difficult to reach areas. Working with a garden fountain can also mean having a small pump house somewhere nearby, or often a hidden box designed to not ruin the landscape.

Water Fountain Care: The Best Results, Done Safely

Whether treating indoor fountains or outdoor ones, safety is at the forefront of every Puddle Pools treatment. When we say safety, we mean caring for our technicians and, for your property! When dealing with algae, a soft cloth and quick wipe down is not enough to get the right results. In the same way that this is not enough, a power tool can be too much. After years in the industry, our team of experts have tons of working knowledge about what exactly your fountain needs.

In addition to a ton of industry knowledge, experience and a system of on-going education, our technicians are able to provide great results and peace of mind. Each member of the team is fully insured and will always take the additional steps to operate safely. If you want your system running so clean, it looks like distilled water, call a Puddle Pool Pro, today!

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