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Ontario residents always strive to make the most out of their summer months, and as temperatures begin to dip, it can be tough to admit that winter is right around the corner. You might not have to worry about putting up holiday lights, or shovelling snow right away, but it is important to keep ahead of your pool needs. Professional Ancaster pool closing services help to protect your water systems, providing a simplified opening during spring and a prolonged lifespan for your system.

Throughout Canada, there is no, one ideal time to perform a pool closing, but it varies on your location. It is no secret that there is a distinct difference between the climate on the west coast and the east coast, as well as every province in-between. A catered approach to closing your pool for the winter means acting according to your climate, with expert care and techniques – and that is where our Puddle Pros come in.

Puddle Pool Services: Properly Closing Your Pool For Winter

Nothing beats diving into a swimming pool on a hot summer day, but as temperatures take a turn, there is still work to do. Even in low temperatures, there is a lot going on right under the surface of your water, and throughout your system. You might be more inclined to balance the water in your pool throughout periods of high use, but letting it sit stagnant for months at a time means water chemistry is neglected, algae forms, and your system is left struggling.

Without a proper closing, pulling back the cover on your pool in spring can be a horror story, complete with invasive growth, and widespread damage to internal mechanisms. An amateur technique or delayed pool closing can mean unnecessary wear and tear, as well as resulting for the needs of costly repairs and premature replacements. Luckily, our team of highly trained technicians can help you avoid the worst-case scenario, through an in-depth closing service.

Internal Components: The filtration and circulation systems of your pool are the heart and soul that keep it running. Without these, chemicals are unable to circulate, and clogs put additional strain on your system. When you want to protect your pool water,  as well as your pool pump, motor and more, it is important to look over your system inside and out.

Pool Equipment: All pools come with along with simple additions, designed to improve your experience. These might be floating skimmer baskets, to capture floating debris, it might be a diving boards to boost your adrenaline, or it might be a pool vacuum. In either case, it is important to remove, dry and store any removable items to avoid algae growth and other issues throughout winter months. When you want to keep your pool accessories in good condition throughout the year, call a Puddle Pool technician today.

Internal Components: It is easy to take a look at your pool and assess the water level, or spot a bit of mold, but when it comes to dealing with mechanisms behind the scenes, it is much more complicated. Pool water can freeze, not only in the large degrees throughout the larger basin, but it can also freeze in much smaller degree inside of pipes, and necessary mechanisms. When this happens, plastics become brittle, materials can expand and contract, leading to widespread and costly damage.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, All Year Long

Caring for a swimming pool means monitoring chlorine levels, but it also means inspecting drain plugs, taking time to blow out the lines within your system, and a whole lot more. A simple pool closing kit may contain necessary chemicals, but it will not have the necessary tools or technique for a great result.

After years of industry experience, our team of highly trained technicians are able to clean both cartridge and sand filters, as well as return lines and other complicated areas of your pool. In addition to keeping your swim space in great shape throughout the winter, a professional closing can also help to make your pool opening that much easier. Call today for your free estimate.

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