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All across Ontario, winters are harsh and seem to last forever, so it is no wonder that homeowners want to make the most out of the summer months and that means swimming pools! Everyone loves to take a dip in the sunshine but no one wants to spend their leisure time scooping out debris and testing water. Professional Ancaster residential pool services keep systems running, water crystal clear and prevent algae growth.

Unlike a public swim space which has multiple employees on pool duty every day, pool care at home often falls onto a single individual. There are plenty of types of pool on the market, and each of these will require slightly different levels of care. It can take years of practice to dial in the needs of your water systems, or it can take one phone call to a Puddle technician.

Residential Pool Care: What to Know

On the surface, pool care might seem simple enough but there is a lot going on below the surface. Instead of just flipping the switch on a pool vacuum and throwing in a chlorine puck, caring for a swim space means catering to water chemistry, filtration systems, structures and even skimmer baskets. Just because you own the property does not mean that cloudy water is acceptable inside a pool and spa. Property owners are still prone to liability issues and are susceptible to recreational water illness and the high costs of repairs and replacements. When you want to avoid disaster, trust an expert with your pool cleaning at home.

Water Balance: A simple testing kit is able to point out issues with chlorine levels but there is more to pool chemistry than just that. Without the right makeup of chemicals, pool water is prone to algae growth and can lead to swimmers developing recreational water illnesses. Protect your family and friends from skin irritations, ear infections, stomach illnesses and more by balancing chlorine and pH levels.

Circulation & Filtration Systems: Keeping water circulating is necessary for maintaining a clean pool. Stagnant water is quickly contaminated, even with the regular addition of pool chemicals. Debris is common in outdoor pool systems and while a few items floating along water surfaces does not seem like a big deal, leaves, twigs, seed pods and other materials can quickly fill up skimmer baskets as well as the pool filter. Changing out a sand or cartridge filter regularly makes it possible to trap and hold debris but and encourages water to flow freely, reducing strain on mechanisms like the pool pump, motor and more.

Seasonal Practices: The day that you finally get your pool opened is a sure-sign that spring is right around the corner but this doesn’t just happen! When fall comes around, it is important to drop the water level in an in-ground pool or install water bags in above ground pools. Opening a pool for use does not happen in a 24 hour period but requires a multi-step approach over multiple days.

The Puddle Guarantee: Excellent Pool Cleaning Throughout the Ancaster Area

Puddle technicians are local to the Ancaster area, so we understand what homes are up against. Instead of trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to pool care, our team of pool specialists create custom treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of your swim space and surrounding areas. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties and technicians, themselves.
Instead of waiting for your swimming pool to show signs of struggle, call a Puddle Pro and create a weekly or bi-weekly treatment plan that works for you. By opting for weekly cleanings in the spring/summer months and bi-weekly throughout the fall/winter seasons, your pool will stay in great shape all year long. Accessible prices make it possible for homeowners all across the Ancaster area to choose expert cleaning at any time of year.

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Bonnie King
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Awesome service. Bri is very knowledgeable and was able to restore our pool back to crystal clear water quickly! I highly recommend Puddle Pools and will definitely have them back next summer.

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Great service and value. Did a great job on my pool!

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