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After a long, cold winter, property owners in Ancaster are itching to get back to swim season. Instead of having to scramble to pool supply stores seeking out chemicals and test strips, have your pool opened quickly, properly and without any of the effort! Calling a Puddle technician for your Ancaster pool opening means being able to make the most out of your pool without suffering through trial and error or subpar results.

Puddle technicians are highly trained, experienced and local to your area. When you don’t want to waste a minute of warm weather, professional seasonal pool maintenance can help to keep your system running.

Seasonal Pool Care: Opening Up For Spring

As simple as swimming pools might seem, they are complicated systems. Pool water is only one aspect of your water system. The water level of your pool contributes to its overall condition but so do the inner workings, mechanics and even safety covers. When preparing your pool for winter, there are careful steps taken to protect your pool over long periods of disuse. A winter cover, water bags and even dropping the water level can all help to protect your system throughout cold weather. Taking the time to close your pool can help to create a smoother opening service. Openings, closings and regular care all work alongside one another to create a happy, healthy swim space.

Pool covers might seem like just another accessory but when it comes to seasonal swimming pool maintenance these are key parts of keeping your water system running. Swapping out a solid winter cover for a mesh one can help to heat your pool space, lightening the load on your pool heaters and creating a more comfortable space.

After long periods of sitting idle, skimmer baskets are likely full, there is often debris both floating and sunken down, and water chemistry will be extremely imbalanced. The first step to getting your pool ready is to remove debris. Instead of just flipping the switch on a pool vacuum, it is important to scrub away residue to properly remove bacteria. A standard vacuum head can’t reach into corners or hard angles .

Applying pool chemicals means more than dropping a few chlorine pucks into water and hoping for the best. When applied properly, algaecides kill off invasive growth while sanitizers beat back bacteria. Too many pool chemicals can lead to skin irritations, while too few can result in ear and eye infections or digestive issues. As a business, this can play a huge role in the reputation of your company, and can present liability issues both at work and at home.

In addition to protecting the individuals swimming in your pool, it is important to protect structures as well. In fluctuating temperatures, shifting ground is always a possibility. It is important to perform a full visual inspection of liners, tiles (and concrete foundations where possible). A trained eye can spot issues with liners, or internal components that can prevent disaster.

The Puddle Technique: Expert Results For Your Pool Opening Service

Pool cleaning is a necessary part of protecting your investment and your guests. When you want to be the host with the most this summer, hit the ground running with expert pool service. Puddle technicians provide expert water treatments and inspections of everything from your filter to your diving boards.

With options for commercial and residential pool treatments, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro. Whether you are opening up multiple water features around a recreational or wellness centre, or a single water system around a home, our technicians have got you covered. Fully insured services provide peace of mind, great results and the option for routine care, all year long.

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Bonnie King
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Awesome service. Bri is very knowledgeable and was able to restore our pool back to crystal clear water quickly! I highly recommend Puddle Pools and will definitely have them back next summer.

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Great service and value. Did a great job on my pool!

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