Brantford Water Feature Maintenance

Even a simple fountain can add a lot to your landscape design. In fact, water fountains are often the focal point of yard designs! With so much emphasis on a fountain, it is important to keep them clean and running smoothly. Indoor water features have different needs from an outdoor fountain but every type, style and model of feature needs to be cleaned regularly and our Puddle Pros are here to help! Efficient Brantford water feature maintenance keeps water clean and running, all at an affordable rate, so book today! 

A garden fountain can help to add character and curb appeal to any property but if not cleaned regularly they can be serious liabilities. There isn’t much point in hiring on costly landscaping services or investing in large-scale projects only to leave fountains up to the elements. Water features are versatile additions and can be installed indoors and outside and each of these will have a different set of needs to keep them in good condition. Instead of struggling with trial and error only to end up with subpar results or learning to live with dirty or discoloured features, call Puddle for expert results. 

Water Feature Care: How a Dirty Fountain Can Impact Your Home or Business 

Whether at home or in a commercial space, curb appeal is everything. The exterior areas of your property are enough to send potential customers running in the other direction or making a bad impression on the neighbours. More than that, a dirty fountain can have a negative impact on the daily running costs of any space. 

If there is buildup in plumbing or return lines water isn’t able to pass through as seamlessly as it should. It takes more energy to push water through clogged pipes or filters and that puts a strain on outdoor fountain pumps, as well as driving up utility bills. 

Water fountains are built to be durable and withstand the elements but this is a tall order in Ontario. Your outdoor space is exposed to the elements and that means having to deal with high winds, heavy rains, high growth seasons and exposure to extreme temperatures. With all of this in mind, there is no doubt that your water fountain care can be tough. In order to keep up with the demands of water features throughout the Brantford area, Puddle technicians have broken the care and cleaning process down into multiple steps that address the needs of your water system inside and out. 

Puddle Water Fountain Cleaning: Understanding the Process 

No matter the type of water fountain that you are dealing with, public enemy #1 is always algae growth. The best way to prevent algae is with a routine chemical treatment program and removing debris regularly. Luckily, Puddle provides a range of services including routine cleaning programs, seasonal care/deep cleans and one-time service calls. 

Routine Cleaning Programs: Cleaning your fountain regularly not only helps to improve visual appeal, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your construction materials. A water feature is an expensive addition to any property and so is having to repair them. When systems are not cleaned regularly they are forced to work harder to move water, putting more strain on plumbing lines, filters, motors and more. If a pump starts to fail it will need to be replaced and that is a high ticket item. Avoid the costs of unnecessary repairs and premature replacements by calling Puddle instead. 

Deep Cleans: When you start to notice algae growth or mineral deposits a bit of mild soap and a soft scrub brush isn’t enough to get results. The goal of a deep clean is to treat the surface areas of a fountain as well as the internal systems that keep your fountain running. This process involves a multi-part chemical treatments that loosens buildup inside plumbing, pulling it out into the main basins. From here it is important to drain the water so concrete surfaces can be acid washed to remove any stains or discolourations. Once cleaned, the water level can be restored and water can be chemically treated so it looks and operates like it is brand new. 

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