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Even if your business structure does not revolve around swimming pools, you can still benefit from professional Brantford commercial pool services. Offering a swim space as a perk can help to draw in new customers, as well as repeat guests but swimming pools will also impact curb appeal. If you are looking for a routine cleaning program or a single service, our team of experienced pool pros are here to help! 

Pool care for businesses is not a one-step or one-size-fits-all process but requires a unique treatment plan. It is easy to do an internet search for a pool cleaning plan but this won’t necessarily work on your property and it sure won’t help you balance your water chemistry on your own. Whether you are a small business, part of a larger corporation, are a contractor or realtor, a dirty pool creates negative visuals, unsafe swimming environments and will have a negative impact on your reputation. 

All the Perks of a Commercial Pool Care Program 

Pool maintenance will look different from one property to another but no matter the style, size or shape of a pool, water should always be crystal clear and free of algae. In addition to looking awful a contaminated pool is serious risk to health and safety for anyone that steps foot inside. Instead of waiting for a worst-case scenario, consider hiring local commercial pool maintenance services and all of the benefits that comes along with them. 

Maintain a Routine: The key to maintaining a clean and inviting swim space is consistency! Without regular water balancing and debris removal it won’t take long for pool water to go cloudy or discoloured, or even form algae blooms. This looks terrible but it also opens the door to recreational water illnesses and liability issues. By creating a cleaning routine that caters to the needs of your system, you can rest easy knowing that your pool is always clean and ready for use. 

Avoid High Startup Costs: Starting your own pool cleaning routine means having to invest in a ton of equipment, chemicals and training, each of which come with a high cost. There is nothing worse than purchasing all of the necessary tools and pool cleaning equipment only to end up with subpar results or letting them get dusty in a nearby storage closet. During professional pool cleaning services means technicians arrive on-scene with all of the necessary tools, chemicals and techniques to keep your pool looking great and running better than ever — and we pack them up and take them with us when we leave! 

Avoid Bad Visuals & Breakdowns: As a business, social media is a lifeline that can help to grow your business but all it takes is one customer to post a picture of cloudy water or to create a negative reputations. In the same way that a bad photo can send potential customers running in the other direction, a broken/out of order swim space can send them running to your competitors. 

Improve Visuals: For realtors a proper pool cleaning can help to prepare a home for showing while construction crews and landscape designers can book post-construction treatments. This means making the best possible first impression and encouraging positive customer experiences. 

Hotel Pool Care: Maintaining High Traffic Swim Spaces 

When it comes to high traffic swim spaces, few of them are as busy as hotel pool. During the busy season, swimming pools in hotels, motels, inns and BnBs see dozens, if not hundreds, of swimmers per day. This is a lot to keep up with!

With every body that steps foot in a swimming pool there are items left behind. From sunscreen, hair products, body lotions, and more, all of this takes a toll on your water condition. This is why Puddle offers cleaning services from once per week, all the way up to five times per week. By hiring professional pool services, business owners can get back to what they do best: running their business. 

For great results, peace of mind and affordable rates call Puddle for timely and efficient care, as well as staff and services that are fully covered with general liability insurance. 

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