Brantford Pool Leak Detection

When it comes to water loss, there is no worse place to spring a leak than in a swimming pool. Pools hold thousands of gallons of water in a confined space and that means pressure. Even a pinhole leak can lead to serious water loss that will impact not only the pool itself but the surrounding area, as well. If you suspect that your pool is losing water, quick action is key to avoiding disaster so it is always better to call a local expert at the first sign of trouble. Professional Brantford pool leak detection services will identify water loss, locate leaks and isolate problem areas for repair. 

Your pool water level will fluctuate based on a variety of factors, not all of which are leaks. There is a big difference between managing natural water loss and repairing physical damage. High heats will cause pool water to evaporate while high swim traffic leads to water being carried out on bodies and with every splash and cannonball. These factors should account for up to 3-5 inches of water loss per week but if you’re seeing more than this don’t hesitate to call a local Puddle Pro! 

Leak Detection in Pools: Getting to Know the Process 

Common causes of leaks can include physical damage caused by blunt force at the surface level or from damage caused by tree roots or shifting soils. Over time construction materials will degrade or are subject to corrosion that can cause underground plumbing leaks. There are plenty of areas that are vulnerable to water leaks and tracking them down can be complicated but our Puddle Pros are here to help. 

Bucket Test: This is a traditional method of identifying water loss and signalling a leak. This involves having to mark the water level in your swimming pool and then filling a bucket of water and setting it next to poolsides. When exposed to the same conditions the rate of water loss should be the same. If the water level inside the pool drops more than the water in the pool, you are dealing with a leak. 

Pressure Test: Whether managing an above ground pool or an inground model plumbing leaks are always a major issue. When above ground, it is easier to diagnose issues with plumbing lines because they are visible but when underground they are harder to track and that is where a pressure test comes in. This test involves applying a steady stream of air to lines and plumbing. When this airflow comes into contact with a crack or opening it will create air bubbles that can be tracked visually, 

Dye Test: If you suspect that you are dealing with a structural leak, a dye test can help to narrow down exactly where your water loss is happening. Some structural leaks are obvious, like in the case of broken slabs or tiles, or they can be more subtle, like tears in vinyl liners. This process involves shutting off the pool pump and letting water go still. From here, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside pool water. Because dyes weigh more than the pool water itself, it will be drawn to the vacuum created by cracks or leaks. 

When you are in the market for efficient and affordable pool leak detection, call a local Puddle Pro. Our technicians are with you every step of the way, providing insight and even offering referrals to local repair experts and proving aftercare. In addition to pool leak detection services, Puddle offers options for routine pool care, seasonal treatments, deep cleans, service calls, pool inspections and more. 

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