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If you are house hunting, a swimming pool might be at the top of your priority list but having to pay for costly repairs and replacements isn’t! Swimming pools might look simple from the outside but they are made up of complex systems and many moving parts. Even if a swim space looks like it is in good condition, there may be issues going on behind the scenes. Instead of finalizing a sale only to be stuck with a broken pool, call a Puddle pool inspector instead. Brantford pool inspections provide visual inspections as well as system testing for a clear view of condition and functionality for peace of mind. 

A swimming pool should be a fun and safe place for your family to spend summer days but this is only possible if they are in good, working order. If you are considering buying a home with a pool it is important to have pools, spas and hot tubs assessed by an industry expert. 

Level I Pool Inspections: What to Expect 

Whenever a property changes hands a home inspection is recommended. The average home inspector can provide insight into the condition of roofing, foundations or electrical work but they don’t often have experience with swimming pools. There are many types of swimming pool inspections on the market, some of which focus on construction, permitting or insurance but these often overlook whether a pool works or not. A Level I Pool Inspection Service focuses on the surfaces, internal water systems and safety issues for an impartial review of your current pool condition. 

Visual Inspections: Professional pool inspectors have spent years of experience and careful study learning how to spot problem areas before they become disasters. If you don’t know what to look for it is easy to overlook small issues that will become larger over time. A small tear in a vinyl liner can be repaired with a vinyl patch but as the tear spreads it will eventually lead to the need for a full replacement. 

System Testing: When it comes to swimming pools, internal water systems are incredibly important. It doesn’t matter how often you clean your pool, if the pump is failing it will be contaminated again in no time. This is why Puddle technicians test circulation systems and heaters, as well as inspecting filters to ensure that all components are running like they should be. 

Safety Features: Many swim spaces are equipped with safety features designed to help swimmers make quick exits when necessary. These often include ladders and safety railings. In the event that these come loose or are improperly anchored it can result in swimmers pulling them over onto themselves, resulting in serious injury. Puddle technicians provide visual assessments and light testing to make sure that this isn’t the case. 

When you want to present sellers, buyers and real estate agents with a clear picture of a swimming pool, just call a local expert for efficient, affordable and timely pool inspections services. In the event that we find any issues, Puddle Pros provide references to quality professionals in your area that can handle all levels of pool repairs. 

It is important to note that Level I Pool Inspections do not include a written report. 

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