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After a long winter, pool owners are ready to get their water systems up and running. As keen as you might be to pull back pool covers at the first sign of warm weather, you are likely going to pull back a pool cover to an unpleasant surprise. After months of sitting idle, you are likely dealing with cloudy or discoloured water, algae growth and a whole lot of debris. Getting your pool ready for the swim season is a complicated, multi-step process but our team of experts are here to help! Hiring an expert for your Brantford pool opening means being able to make the most out of the swim season with a clean and inviting pool. 

Spring pool care is not as simple as shocking water and diving on in. Stepping foot into contaminated water is a serious health and safety risk. Just because water looks clear doesn’t mean that it is sanitary. Instead of focusing on water care and surfaces alone, it is important to consider what is going on behind the scenes and that can be tough. A professional pool opening service restores water and ensures that internal water systems are running smoothly so you can make the most out of spring and summer. 

The Best Way to Open Your Pool For Spring 

Swimming pools are more complicated than meets the eye. The needs of your swim space will change throughout the year and it can be tough to keep up. Many pool owners choose to open their pools over the course of the May long weekend but sticking to a date can be restrictive. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, it is safe to open your pool. Opening too early can mean dealing with the consequences of a cold snap, like frozen pipes. Opening your pool too late can mean missing out on the first days of warm weather. 

Step One: The first step to any pool opening is to undo whatever was done on closing. If you removed detachable components to be stored for the cold weather, they will need to be replaced. From here, it is time to grab a garden hose and add water until water levels reach the skimmer. An initial shock treatment can then be applied to clear away cloudiness or discolouration for a better view of your pool basin. 

Step Two: Even with a winter cover on, debris has a way of finding its way inside. Once water is a bit more clear and the cover is removed, you will get a good view of exactly what you are dealing with. Lighter items will float along surfaces while heavier ones will sink to the bottom of the pool. Removing these requires speciality equipment that can navigate hard angles and tricky spots. In addition to skimming surfaces and vacuuming, it is important to empty skimmer baskets and perform heavy scrubbing on sides, walls, flooring and stairs. 

Step Three: Standing water is very susceptible to contamination so it is important to make sure that your pump and filter are working properly. When water is circulating, it is spreading pool chemicals throughout the entire pool basin as well as plumbing and return lines. A test kit might alert you to issues with chlorine levels when pools are being used but they often don’t cover the whole spectrum of necessary chemical levels. Balancing your pool water means considered sanitizers as well as pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Step Four: Final visits include having water tested and balancing your pool water according to the results. If you are swapping out solid winter covers for mesh ones (which is a good idea!) our experts can offer advice on storing your pool cover to avoid damage. This is also the ideal time to perform one last inspection on your pool filter and equipment, as well as surrounding areas. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Openings in Brantford 

Whether you are dealing with an above ground pool or an inground model, our team of experts are highly trained and experienced for the best possible results. Local technicians understand what your pool is up against so we know what to do, when to do it and how to assess problem areas before they become a disaster. 

With options for booking appointments online and by-phone, you can reach a Puddle representative 24 hours a day. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, call Puddle for efficient and affordable pool opening services. 

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