Brantford Seasonal Pool Maintenance

When those leaves start to change it is a sign that fall is around the corner and it is a sign that you should be thinking about closing your pool! In a cold weather climate like Ontario it is easy to get caught up weather-proofing homes and preparing for the holidays and forget about your swim space. As the weather gets warm, pool owners are keen to beat the heat in a swimming pool but this means needing a deep clean which is a complicated multi-step process. Instead of missing out on warm weather or dealing with damage over the off-season, call a local Puddle technician. Brantford seasonal pool maintenance helps to keep your swim space clean and running smoothly all year long. 

Preparing your pool for a new season is not as simple as putting on and taking off a pool cover. You might pay attention to chemical levels during the swim season but these are often overlooked during the off-season. Even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues within your water system so make sure that your pool is properly closed for the fall season and properly opened back up in spring. 

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do and When 

Spring Pool Care: A standard test kit might help to maintain water chemistry that has already been chemically treated but it isn’t enough to restore water condition after months of sitting stagnant. Opening up in spring means having to restore water levels, replace any components that were removed and stored for the off-season. Shocking pool water, removing debris, scrubbing pool walls heavily and chemically treating water are all parts of a successful opening. In addition to treating the visible areas of your pool it is important to inspect your filtration system, heater and pool pump to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

Fall Pool Care: As soon as the temperature drops, it is time to think about your swimming pool. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is safe to close your pool for winter. More than just throwing on a winter cover, it is important care for pools on multiple levels to avoid damage. Dropping water levels so they fall below skimmer lines prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas and freezing over. Sub-zero temperatures make plastic brittle and causes water to freeze and expand up to 9%. Even this small rate of expansion is enough to cause pipes to burst, causing serious damage. Remove detachable components to be dried and stored, flush return lines and make sure that all debris is removed. Winterizing chemical treatments prevent algae growth and water freezing. 

Off-Season Pool Programs: One of the biggest fall pool maintenance tips that our technicians have to offer is that you don’t have to close your pool! Regular maintenance is common practice during the summer months but closing isn’t your only option when the weather turns cold. Putting water systems on a timer and reducing frequency of cleanings is a great way to maintain condition throughout the off-season without sacrificing condition. This means when summer comes back around all you have to do is turn on a heater and hop on in! 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Care, Expert Results 

Puddle technicians stand out from the competition with excellent results, top-tier customer service and with our bright branding, you’ll never miss us in a crowd! Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Brantford area, so no one understands the climate and the needs of your pool better than we do! If you want a clean and inviting swim space drop that pool vacuum and call an expert instead. Highly trained and experienced team members bring efficient and affordable seasonal pool services right to your front door! 

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