Georgetown Water Feature Maintenance

Installing water fountains in a home or commercial space can add curb appeal and enjoyment for anyone that is nearby. Depending on its size, a large outdoor garden fountain can draw visitors in, even from a distance — so you’d better make sure that they are clean! Bringing a bit of nature to your front door means bringing the need for routine maintenance with it, and our Puddle Pros want to help. Expert Georgetown water feature maintenance keeps water balanced, eliminates algae growth, improves visuals and keeps fountains running smoothly.

Water fountain care should be thought of in the same way that a pool or hot tub is. These features are not designed to have people swimming in them but that doesn’t mean that cross contamination can’t happen. If the water in your fountain is contaminated, it poses a direct threat to anyone that comes in contact with it, but it can also pose threats to the overall condition of your fountain. Even a bit of neglect can lead to mineral deposits, white scale, discoloured water, bad smells and impacted output.

What to Know About Water Feature Care

If you are dealing with a dirty or discoloured water feature, it is tempting to just pull a plug, drain the water and refill it. This might provide temporary visual improvement but before you know it, water will be right back to looking awful. The reason for this is that if you are noticing issues in the water, there will also be issues within lines and internal mechanisms. If there is mold, mildew and bacteria inside lines, this unwanted material will be pushed right back into water as soon as your system is fired up. This is what makes it so important to treat systems from the inside out.

Outdoor water fountains are the most at risk for natural contamination. Indoor models or wall fountains are more prone to white scale. In areas with hard water, it is important to monitor water systems for mineral deposits and scale. If you begin to notice either of these, it is time to tweak your chemical levels to accommodate the unique needs of your system. This might seem easy enough but chemistry is a science for a reason! It can take years to understand how to properly balance chemicals in order to maintain a sanitary space. Instead of dealing with long periods of trial and error, let an experienced pro get the job done right the first time.

When you want to clean your fountain, it is important to dig deep into systems, inspecting everything from return lines to the water pump and filters. Larger fountains often have multiple tiers, all set at different heights. A high point with access to sunlight is prone to algae buildup. Not many property owners are keen to climb up fountains or up rickety ladders, so these areas will often go unnoticed over long periods.

In the same way that you might close down a pool for the cold season, it is important to consider the impact that a frigid winter will have on fountains. Dropping the water level in a fountain can prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas and freezing, causing damage. If you are closing your water system for the winter, it is a good idea to remove outdoor fountain pumps to be stored. This is a great opportunity to clean your pump, ensure it is dry and then tuck it away for the cold season.

Water Fountain Cleaning: Getting the Best Results

No two water fountains are the same, and it is important to treat features according to their unique needs, age, condition and surrounding areas. Puddle crews are local to the Georgetown area, so we know exactly how your environments can impact water features. After years of industry experience, Puddle technicians are able to create custom plans that are efficient, effective and provide complete cleans for your space. By offering a range of treatment options including regularly scheduled care, deep cleans and seasonal programs that keep fountains in great shape, all throughout the year.

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