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Property owners in Ontario are very familiar with winter, and all of the work that goes along with it. It can feel like a matter of seconds between leaves changing colour and the first snow fall and during that period your pool goes through a lot. While you are weather-proofing the exteriors of your home, your pool and its mechanisms are at risk of freezing. Calling an expert for your Georgetown seasonal pool maintenance to protect pools from the harsh winter and prepare it for use in spring.

Pool owners are very attentive to the needs of their water systems during the summer months but seasonal pool care often overlooked. Forgetting to close your pool in fall will have a major impact during spring, and vice versa. Pool care should not be reserved for a single season but need to be performed year-round in order to maintain water chemistry, structural integrity and a smooth running circulation system.

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do and When

The best way to keep your pool in great shape is to create a schedule that works and specialized treatments. Instead of basing your openings and closings on a date, you should focus on the climate. As much as you might want to hop into a swimming pool as soon as the temperature is above 0, opening up too soon can lead to unexpected damage and issues.

Pool Closing: When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close down your pool. Even though you haven’t broken out the winter coats, there is still a chance for a cold snap. It takes prolonged periods of exposure to freezing temperatures to freeze an entire pool basin but these are not the only areas to be considered. Small amounts of water inside lines and around pool pumps can freeze, causing plastic to become brittle and resulting in expansion. This makes it important to flush return lines, remove detachable components and ensure there is no water hiding out behind the scenes. Frozen water can expand by 9%, which doesn’t sound like much but can lead to burst pipes. Taking the time to winterize your pool cannot only protect against damage, it can pave the way for a quick and easy opening in spring.

Pool Opening: Over the course of the winter months, your pool goes through a lot. Instead of being able to pull back a winter cover and hop into water, there is a lengthy process involved in opening a swim space for spring. Restoring the water level in an in-ground pool is important, while removing water bags from an above ground pool are important first steps in restoring pools for the season. Next up, balance the sanitizer and chlorine levels, as well as applying algaecide when necessary. Even if swimming pools are covered throughout the cold season, debris has a way of creeping inside. This means pulling back a cover to find floating and sunken debris, as well as full skimmer baskets that need to be cleaned.

Whether you are opening up or closing down, it is always a good idea to inspect plumbing lines and pool filters at the changing of a season. A cartridge filter benefits from a visual inspection while pressure gauges can point out issues in sand filters.

Everything from draining the water levels, to winterizing drain plugs and scrubbing surfaces has an impact on the overall condition of your swim space. Missing just one step in the process can have a ripple effect, so make sure that you are getting the best results by calling a Puddle Pro.

Puddle Pool Services: Year-Round Cleaning & Seasonal Care

If you are in the market for crystal clear pool water, smooth running water lines, reduced energy usage and an accessible place to enjoy the summer, let our Puddle technicians help. No matter the time of year, your pool is always in need of a little TLC. By offering routine cleanings, as well as scheduled openings and closings, local pool specialists can help keep your water systems running all year long.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, along with being fully insured to protect properties and surrounding areas. Each member of the team is outfitted with top of the line tools and resources and offers competitive pricing to make pool care accessible for homes and businesses throughout Georgetown.

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