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Nothing beats having an accessible swim space right outside your back door. Having a swimming pool means having the ability to get some exercise in whenever you want to, cool down on a hot day, or entertain friends, family and guests. As beneficial as a swimming pool can be, they do not come without a lot of hard work. If you don’t want to sacrifice your free time to skimming, vacuuming and water balancing, let a Puddle Pro handle it for you. Expert Georgetown residential pool services keep swim spaces clean and systems running smoothly, so you can enjoy the season.

Residential Pool Care: When to Call an Expert

Pool maintenance is not as simple as flipping the switch on a robotic pool cleaner or throwing in a chlorine puck. Caring for a swim space requires multiple steps that cater to everything from pool water, to skimmer baskets. This means technical know-how, experience and a whole lot of manual labour. If you are struggling to keep up with the demands of your water system or are just looking to improve efficiency, it is always a good idea to consult a pro.

Issues with Pool Water: Crystal clear pool water is a symptom of a good chemical balance. If you have begun to notice cloudy water, it is a sure sign that your water condition is way off. Simple test strips might be able to identify issues with chlorine levels but just pointing out an imbalance is not enough to solve your problems. Having water tested by a specialist measures pH levels, along with sanitizers, the presence of phosphates and other factors that contribute to overall water health.

High Levels of Debris: Depending on the areas surrounding your swim space, you might be dealing with high levels of debris. If there are large numbers of plants surrounding your swim space, leaves, sticks, seed pods, pollen and other unexpected items. These will clog up skimmer baskets or clog filtration systems. If your pool filter is full or dirty, even newly cleaned water will not stay clean for long! Monitoring cartridge filters or sand filters is key to keeping these systems running clean. In the same way that floating debris causes issues in filters, sunken debris will rest against liners, creating stains.

High Utility Bills: Many property owners do not consider how pool care at home can impact day-to-day running costs. If filters are clogged or there are leaks in the line, you can expect high energy usage and increased utility bills. If you are noticing that your bills are going up, it might be time to investigate to how your pool is impacting your space.

Changing of the Seasons: When the swim season comes to an end, it is important to properly prepare your pool for the cold weather. Proper closures protect vulnerable materials from becoming brittle, or pipes from bursting. An amateur opening in spring can lead to contaminated water, leaves clogs in lines and can overlook the need for minor repairs, allowing them to worsen over time. Having an expert inspect and treat pools for the season decreases the risk of damage.

The Puddle Guarantee: Excellent Pool Cleaning & Care

When you want the best possible results for your pool care, all it takes is one call to a Puddle Pro. Local technicians understand what your water systems are up against and already know the best way to treat issues. Don’t waste time on a simple testing kit when you can call a highly trained and experienced technician instead.
Puddle technicians understand that there are plenty of options for pool care across the Georgetown area but we have set ourselves apart from the competition. By offering expert customer service, competitive costs and transparent pricing models, you will never be met with a nasty surprised when you get your invoice. If you want to make the most out of summer and protect your pool system throughout the year, call a Puddle Pro today.

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