Georgetown Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tubs or swim spas add a lot of value and enjoyment to homes and businesses throughout Georgetown, Ontario. As relaxing as it might be to spend an evening soaking in a tub, keeping them clean can be a huge stress. When you want to keep things running smoothly, it is important to treat all the different parts of hot tub systems and that means hours of study and a lot of energy. Keep your free time free by calling a Puddle technician for your Georgetown hot tub maintenance.

There is a big difference between an amateur approach to hot tub cleaning and having an expert treat your water feature. Even with the best intentions, an improper cleaning technique can lead to a buildup of bacteria, algae growth, foul smells, as well as the potential for damage to hardware like hot tub shells and spa covers. Expert hot tub care not only improves the look of your systems, they improve efficiency, reduce energy usage and prolong the lifespan of your water systems.

Maintaining a Clean Hot Tub: Routine Care and Deep Cleans

Cleaning your hot tub requires keeping a regular schedule, as well as more in-depth treatments. It is easy to focus on hot tub water alone, but there is more to your water feature than meets the eye. In the same way that algae blooms can form in water, mildew, white mold and bacteria can build up in lines, floating skimmer baskets and other hard to reach places. Great results come from a multi-step approach that treats spa water, structures and the internal components that keep water moving.

Keeping Water Clean: Whether you use your hot tub on a daily basis, on weekends or every now and then, it is important to maintain water chemistry. Without the regular addition of hot tub chemicals, warm water will quickly go cloudy or discoloured. More important than bad visuals, contaminated water is enough to make anyone inside of it, sick. Test strips might alert spa owners to an imbalance in chemicals, but they don’t tell you how to balance these out. Calling an expert keeps your filter cleaner and your chemicals balanced, removing the risk of recreational water illnesses associated with exposure to contaminated water.

Monitoring Equipment & Accessories: Bacteria can build up on spa equipment in the same way that it can build up on sides, seats and flooring. If you have spent time, energy or money on cleaning your spa, putting a dirty hot tub cover back on can contaminate water again in no time. Spa filters are designed to trap and hold debris, removing it from the water. A floating skimmer basket can help with this, but it is important to clean filters regularly to keep them working.

Deep Cleanings & Draining: If water is showing signs of contamination or mold, it is time to refresh your water system. When it is time to drain and clean your tub, it is always a better idea to consult an expert. Unlike a bath tub, you can’t just pull the plug on a hot tub and let the water flow out. When water is not properly drained, it can lead to over saturated lawns, flooded basements, water damage, rot and mold. It is easy to refill a hot tub with a garden hose but getting the water out is a more complicated process.

Puddle Hot Tub Services: Excellent Results Throughout Georgetown

When you are in the market for a crystal clear pool system, sanitary swim spaces and a great place to entertain guests, call a Puddle Pro! Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, so we can handle everything from a routine clean, a drain and refill and even a seasonal closure. Cost-competitive pricing makes expert hot tub care accessible for homes and commercial spaces all across the Georgetown area.

Every Puddle crew member is local to your area and understands what your water systems are up against. By knowing the damage and/or strain that can happen throughout the year, caused by bad weather and high traffic, our experts eliminate the need for trial and error, getting great results quickly.

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