Georgetown Pool Leak Detection

If your pool is leaking, quick action is key to avoiding disaster. As a pool owner, you understand how disruptive a leak can be, not only to the pool itself but to surrounding areas as well. If you start to notice water loss, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro for your Georgetown pool leak detection. Expert leak detection is able to identify whether or not you really are dealing with a leak, determine what type of leak it is and isolate problem areas for repair.

Leak detection in pools is a complicated process that covers a wide range of areas, both inside and on the surface of swim spaces. Surface leaks are most often caused by physical damage and plumbing leaks are often caused by aged materials, corrosion and even root damage. Just because you have begun to notice symptoms of a leak doesn’t mean that you will be able to pinpoint the problem area or that you’ve even diagnosed a leak correctly. With every day that passes by your pool is losing water, so efficient detections and assessments are key to avoiding disasters.

Pool Leak Detection Services: What to Expect

The first step to dealing with swimming pool leaks is to determine whether or not you have a leak at all! There is a big difference between water leaks and natural evaporation but they both look like water loss. When outdoor temperatures are high, pool water will burn off. At the same time, high heats will bring tons of swimmers to pools. Every body that gets out of your pool is taking water with it. This, combined with a couple of cannonballs and splash fights and you are looking at a significant drop in water level.

It is common to lose between 3-5 inches of water from your swimming pool over the course of a week. Refilling water levels after an event or a few days of high temperatures is part of standard pool care but if you are noticing more than that, you might be dealing with a leak. Pooling water and high water bills are symptoms of an existing leak somewhere in your system. Water leak detection services use specialized testing to identify the location of the leak.

Pressure Test: Swimming pools are made up of many moving parts, with complicated plumbing systems. In a salt water pool, pipes are more prone to corrosion and have a much shorter lifespan. This means leaks can form more readily in pipes. Pressure testing uses a consistent stream of air flow, applied to plumbing and return lines. If there is a leak, it will create air bubbles or, in the case of underground leaks, gurgling sounds. Specialized visual and hearing equipment make it possible to track these signs and isolate problem areas.

Dye Test: Both above ground pools and inground models are at risk of structural leaks. A dye test can help to identify leaks in a pool liner or cracks in concrete pools. This test uses coloured dyes, strategically placed in pool basins. When the pool pump is shut off and water sits still, leaks will pull water in. Because dye weighs more than pool water, it will be drawn to these areas, identifying if you are looking for a tear in a vinyl liner or physical damage to concrete.

Puddle Pools: Top Canadian Leak Detection Services

If you have measured your water loss, performed the bucket test or noticed a rise in water bills, don’t hesitate to call an expert for your leak detection needs. Quick action can mean the difference between a vinyl patch in a pool liner or the need the tear up lawns to reach pool plumbing. The longer that you wait, the worse a leak becomes so don’t wait! Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced with all of the top testing tools to track leaks of any size, in any area, of both residential and commercial pool systems. In addition to great results for your detection, Puddle Pros have a wide network of industry professionals, so we can help to organize your leak repair.

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