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No one experiences winter in Canada like Ontario does. Freezing temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfalls are common throughout cold months, but while you are hiding out indoors, pools are stuck outside in the cold. When fall comes around, throwing on a pool cover is not enough to keep your system safe over the winter. Calling a professional for your Georgetown pool closing helps to prevent damage, protect water systems and pave the way for an easy opening in spring.

When preparing your swim space for cold weather, many homeowners or building managers have to spend their time weather proofing for winter, stocking up on salt and digging out winter clothes. With all of this on the go, it is easy to let fall pool care take a backseat. Waiting too long to close your water systems can result in brittle parts or frozen pipes. The best time to prepare your pool for the winter is when the average outdoor temperature sits around 15 degrees. When you start to feel a chill in the air, call a Puddle Pro to book your closing.

The Best Way to Close Your Pool For Winter

Whether you are closing an above ground pool or an in-ground model, proper seasonal treatments cannot be completed in a day. In order to get the best possible results, a closure should be broken into multiple steps, each of which address a different area of your water system.

Pool Water: During the spring and summer, pool water is often tested and chlorine levels are balanced, along with pH levels, alkalinity and more. As the temperature begins to drop, it is a good idea to consider how your water level can effect your swimming pool. In an in-ground pool, dropping water levels to below jets, skimmers and drains can protect water from reaching internal components, where it might freeze and cause damage. In the case of an above ground pool, installing a water bag can help to prevent water from freezing over. Flushing return lines is another great way to prevent expansion from frozen water, which reduces the risk of burst pipes.

Equipment & Accessories: Drain plugs are an important point of entry for water during the summer months but during colder weather, these can allow pool water to seep into vulnerable areas. Freezing temperatures make plastic brittle and can lead to unexpected damage. Removing detachable components like pool pumps, so they can be dried and stored is a great way to protect them over the course of the fall and winter.

Filtration & Circulation Systems: Everyone loves to watch the leaves change colour in fall but no one likes having to pick them out of a pool. If leaves and other debris are left floating on water surfaces or in skimmer baskets, they will rot over the course of low-use months. This means tons of bacteria, algae, residue and even staining. Checking the pressure gauge can point out issues with your sand filter while visual inspections of a cartridge filter can give you the heads up about the need for a replacement.

The Puddle Guarantee: Get the Best Pool Closing Service in Georgetown

There are plenty of tips and tricks for protecting pools from the cold but the best way to handle your pool opening and closing, is to call an expert. After years of experience in the industry, our team of Puddle pros are able to provide in-depth closures for pools of all shapes and sizes, as well as indoor and outdoor models. Everything from pool antifreeze, winter covers and plumbing lines play a role in the overall condition and function of your swimming pool. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as excellent pool closures, done safely with top tools and techniques.

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