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When it comes to enjoying the summer months, a swimming pool always steals the show. Nothing beats the heat like a dip in the pool, but proper cleaning and maintenance can be a pain. Don’t sacrifice your leisure time when you can call an expert for your Georgetown pool opening instead.

When it is time to open your swimming pool, it is important to treat water systems at every level. Adding a quick shock treatment might help to improve the visual appeal of a swimming pool but even clear water does not mean that it is sanitary. When you want to protect swimmers, improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your swim space, call a Puddle technician to book an appointment for your spring pool care.

Why You Should Let An Expert Open Your Pool

As a pool owner, it is not uncommon to remove the cover from your pool only to find cloudy water, algae growth or worse. Before anyone sets foot in your pool system, it is important to make sure that it is sanitary. This means balancing pool water, removing debris and residue floating in water, resting at the bottom of the pool or sitting against walls, as well as inspecting liners and internal components for potential damage. Without extensive technical knowledge, it is easy to overlook one aspect of your pool opening and this can lead to ripple effects throughout the entire swimming season and beyond.

Balancing Pool Chemicals: Balanced water chemistry is the key to starting the summer season off on the right foot. After months of sitting idle, your pool water is likely very imbalanced and is probably dealing with invasive growth like algae. It is always a good idea to keep a testing kit or two around as this is great for diagnosing issues with chlorine levels but there is more water chemistry than just that. It is important to keep an eye on sanitizer levels like chlorine but it is also important to check up on pH levels, total alkalinity and other key factors.

Restoring Water Levels: When pools are closed for fall, precautions should be taken to protect against damage caused by freezing. Winterizing drain plugs is common practice, but so is dropping the water level. A low water level can impact the way in which chemically treated water is circulated throughout your system. Restoring levels is as simple as turning the tap on a garden hose letting it run for several hours. The trick here is to monitor water as it refills to ensure that you are not dealing with overflow or fighting.

Reinstalling Pool Equipment: It is common practice when closing a pool, to remove, dry and store detachable items. Over the course of the winter, the summer pool cover, pump and other detachable items should be stored so as to avoid damage. When opening an inground pool, these items need to be retrieved and reinstalled before your water systems can be fired up.

Ditch Debris: The longer that you go without cleaning out skimmer baskets, the more debris will end up inside them. Unfortunately, it is common to come across everything from leaves and sticks, to insects and rodents. Scrubbing pool sides can handle residue while vacuums and telescopic poles remove unwanted items from the surface of your water or the bottom of the pool.

Pool Opening Service: Seasonal Pool Maintenance Done Right

Puddle Pool technicians are local to your area, so we know when and how to open your swim spaces for the season. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, it is a good sign that you are past the threat of freezing and it is safe to open up! Trying to open a pool in a single day can only result in overlooked steps and a subpar results. That is why our expert technicians take the necessary time to provide in-depth chemical treatments over the course of several days. These treatments make it possible to dig deep into systems and lines, ensuring there is nothing being left behind.

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