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Taking a dive into an outdoor pool is an ideal way to beat the summer heat, but keeping water clean requires a lot of work and upkeep. No one wants to swim in cloudy pool water or slip on algae coated stairs. When you want to keep your system looking its best, and running smoothly, call a Puddle Pro for your Etobicoke pool cleaning service.

It can take years of study, along with trial and error to fully understand what it takes to keep your pool clean — but who has the time for that?! Instead of giving up your evenings and weekends in the name of pool care, call an expert to get great results, while protecting your system and freeing up your schedule. Ditch the simple test strips and opt for expert service that caters to all the different parts of pool systems that keep them in great shape.

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean

It does not matter if you are dealing with in-ground models, or above ground pools, each of these have a wide variety of possible contaminants. Everything from surrounding plant life, a high traffic weekend, or even unpredictable weather patterns can have a negative impact on your space. When you want great results for your swim space, it is important to treat both obvious and reachable areas, as well as the more unseen, inner workings.

Water Chemistry: There is a lot that goes into maintaining your water chemistry. A basic testing kit can identify issues with sanitizer or pH levels, but they do not tell you how to solve these issues. The right chemical makeup protects swimmers, but it also prevents algae, and the overall condition of your system, in the long run.

Pool Circulation: Your pool circulation and filtration systems are what keep your pool running. In the same way that a heart pumps blood throughout a body, your pool pump works to carry necessary chemicals and sanitizers throughout your system. Without this, chemicals will sit in certain areas, allowing sections of your water feature to be left out in the cold.

Pool Equipment: There are plenty of tools and accessories on the market, designed to make cleanings easier, but these practices take up time, and the tools take up space. Not everyone has unlimited space to keep tools and chemicals over long periods — particularly when not all of these are effective. Consider a pool vacuum, for example. It is easy enough to flip a switch and let these machines suck up sunken debris from the bottom of your pool, but a vacuum head cannot reach into corners. This means sections of your flooring, walls and stairs can become breeding grounds for bacteria and algae growth.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, Every Time

Many property owners are quick to call a professional service for their pool openings or a pool closing, but what about regular care and maintenance throughout the year? By offering options for routine cleaning, as well as seasonal services, our team of experienced pool care pros can help to keep your system in great shape, no matter the time of year.

Going up against winter weather in Ontario is an annual battle, but our experts can help! Understanding everything from installing a winter cover, to when, and for how long, you should run your pump to prevent water from freezing, can take years of trial and error. Ditch the difficult learning process, and call a Puddle Pro for great results at any time of year.

Whether you are a veteran pool owner, or are new to the world of water system care, our experts can help you out. From changing out the pool filter, emptying a skimmer basket or balancing water, there is nothing that our experienced team can’t handle. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect your property, and our technicians. In addition to great results for your system, Puddle brings peace of mind right to your front door. It is obvious that when you are experiencing cloudy water, shocking the pool is a good idea but this can’t restore sanitizer levels or balance.

With options for residential, commercial and communal spaces, call Puddle today for your free quote and keep your pool in great condition, prolong the lifespan of your system and increase enjoyment for friends, family, tenants and customers.

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