Ingersoll Water Feature Maintenance

An outdoor fountain can be the focal point of your landscaping project or it can be an eyesore that drags down your curb appeal and the only thing separating these two is a regular cleaning program. Garden fountains are up against the elements in the same way that pools and hot tubs are but because no one swims in them they often don’t get the same level of attention. Whether outdoors or inside, water fountains are always prone to debris buildup, algae growth, discolouration or white scale. Expert Ingersoll water feature maintenance keeps water crystal clear and systems running smoothly on a routine basis, as a service call or seasonally.

Water fountain care is not a one-size-fits-all practice but requires a customized treatment plan according to the unique needs of your space. For example, if your water features is surrounding by plant life, you will be dealing with a lot of organic debris. Everything from high heats to heavy rains will upset the chemistry in your system so keeping water features clean is a tall order! If you are struggling with water feature cleaning, drop the scrub brush and let a Puddle Pro handle the heavy lifting for you! 

Water Feature Care: The Best Way to Get the Best Results 

No matter the type of water fountain that you are dealing with regular cleanings are a must to keep features in great shape. If you haven’t been able to keep up with regular cleanings and your fountains are looking a little worse for the wear, a deep clean is just what the doctor ordered! 

By breaking the cleaning process down into simple steps it is possible to clean fountain water, surfaces and internal systems for a top to bottom clean. 

Cleaning a fountain regularly means routine water treatments, as well as debris removal but this is easier said than done. When you want to remove debris from the ground level it can be done with a basic skimmer but for those hard to reach areas around the middle of a large fountain or up on higher tiers this is a lot more difficult. When concrete is wet or algae has begun to develop it makes surfaces slippery. Stepping on these areas can quickly lead to slips, falls and serious injury. In addition to chemical applications it is important to maintain the internal systems that keep your fountain running, like the water pump. If you fail to clean the pump it will become clogged up and it will become difficult for water to pass through. 

Even if fountain cleaning is a part of your regular routine, there will come a point where you will need a deep clean that focuses on internal systems and plumbing lines, as well as surfaces and water condition. This involves a specialized chemical treatment that runs through lines loosening and pulling out built up gunk and unwanted items from water systems. Unwanted items are dropping back into the basin where contaminated water can be drained. Once empty concrete structures can be acid washed to remove stains and discolouration. Once clean, the water level can be restored and newly added fresh water can be chemically treated. 

Puddle Water Fountain Cleaning: Keeping Your System Running Smoothly 

Expert water fountain cleaning doesn’t just improve the look of your features, it improves output as well. The cleaner that your water system is, the fewer resources that it needs to keep going. If water has to push through clogged pipes or filters, it has to work harder using more energy and putting strain on components which wear down on lifespans leading to premature repairs and/or replacements. 

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