Ingersoll Pool Leak Detection

There are few places worse to spring a leak than in a swimming pool. Pool leaks can be highly pressurized and fast moving, or can be a series of drips that go unnoticed over long times. In either case, fast action is the key to avoiding disaster. If you are noticing water loss in your swim space, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Ingersoll pool leak detection. 

Pool Leak Detection Services: Dealing With Water Loss 

As a pool owner, you have an idea of how your swim space should operate. If your pool water level is looking lower than usual, there are few things that might be causing it. High heats can cause water to evaporate naturally and high usage sees swimmers carrying water out with or pushing water out of pools through splashing and cannonballs. During the summer months natural evaporation and displacement can cause water levels to drop anywhere between 3-5 inches per week. If you start to notice more than this or find yourself having to refill pool water on a daily basis, you are likely dealing with a leak. 

If you are trying to distinguish between natural water loss and a leak, it might be time for a bucket test. This process involves having to mark the water level in your pool and filling a bucket with water, setting it next to your swimming pool so they are both exposed to the same conditions. This means that both the pool and the water in the bucket should experience the same level of water loss. If the water level outside the bucket drops significantly while the other doesn’t, you are dealing with a leak. 

Once you have established that you are losing water due to a crack or damage, it is time to locate the leak! 

Structural Leaks: In swimming pools, structural leaks are often caused by physical damage, shifting caused by changing temperatures, or even tears in vinyl liners. In order to identify and isolate problem areas Puddle technicians use dye tests. This means turning off pool pumps and waiting for water to settle down and placing coloured dyes into pool water. Dyes are attracted to the vacuums created by leaks. This means being able to track the dye visually to the problem area. 

Plumbing Leaks: With an above ground pool, structures and equipment are above ground where they can be inspected visually while an inground pool is more covered. Pressure tests involve applying a steady flow of pool water to return lines and plumbing. If this air comes into contact with a leak it will create bubbles. These bubbles will be identified visually or, in the case of underground leaks and saturated soil, can be traced with speciality listening equipment. 

Puddle Pool Services: Leak Detection in Pools Made Easy 

Swimming pool leaks might be tough but our Puddle technicians are tougher! Whether you are dealing with a tear in your pool liner, a damaged pipe or slab leak our team of experts can help to organize quick and efficient pool repairs to stop water loss in its tracks. 

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