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Having an accessible swim space is great during summer but when it is time to winterize your pool, they can be a hassle! Whether you are dealing with an inground pool or an above ground model closings are key to protecting swimming pools throughout the fall and winter. It might be tempting to throw on a winter cover and forget about it but this means opening up to swampy water, foul smells, damage and a whole lot of headache. Ingersoll pool closing services protect pools from winter weather and set the stage for an easier opening in spring. 

Water chemistry is a top priority when pools are being used often but when temperatures drop swim spaces don’t get the same level of attention. Winter chemicals are designed to reduce the risk of algae growth but also the risk of freezing water that will cause damage. Don’t take a risk on amateur pool care when you can call a local Puddle technician instead. 

The Benefits of Proper Fall Pool Care 

Swimming pools are meant to be tough and durable but they are no match for an Ontario winter. As temperatures begin to dip you might start to notice frost forming on windshields. While it would take a serious and prolonged cold snap to freeze over a pool basin entirely, small amounts of water will freeze much faster. You might not even notice this happening but this can cause serious damage, not only to the pool itself but to the surrounding area as well. 

Prevent Damage: Small amounts of water are prone to freezing when the weather gets cold. This means water around your pool pump or in return lines will freeze over. Cold temperatures will make plastic brittle, damaging components and frozen water will expand in pipes, causing warping and even bursting. This will not only wreck your plumbing but it can also flood nearby structures, drown lawns or destroy nearby materials. Dropping the water level will prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas and winterizing drain plugs is another added layer of security. Protect your pool equipment and surrounding areas with a proper draining and winterizing chemical program. 

Easier Openings in Spring: After months of sitting idle your swimming pool is likely full of bacteria, debris and other contaminants. As much as you might want to dive into a pool on the first warm day of spring, jumping into dirty water is unpleasant but it is also dangerous. Restoring water condition after the winter means careful balancing, debris removal and cleaning. Without the right technical knowledge this can take weeks. A proper closing can help to better maintain your swimming pool for a simpler and faster opening in spring. 

Overview of Your Filtration Systems & Equipment: Closing is the best time to review the condition of your return lines and key components. This means visual inspections of pool pumps, well as the pool filters and even the pool cover. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled evert 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and refilled with new sand every 3-5 years. It is also important to empty skimmer baskets and remove debris before putting on a winter cover and waiting for spring. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Close Your Pool 

When fall comes around a basic test kit isn’t enough to protect your inground or above ground pool from serious damage. More than keeping track of chlorine levels alone, a closing is a multi-step approach that caters to both the surfaces and internal systems that keep your swimming pools in great shape. 

Puddle technicians have all of the technical skill, equipment and resources necessary to treat pools in homes and commercial properties. No matter the size or style of your swimming pool, just call a local Puddle Pro for efficient and affordable seasonal pool care.

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