North Vancouver Water Feature Maintenance

A great fountain can draw in a crowd, but as a property owner or manager, you want to make sure that it is in good condition when they get there. Even a bit if neglect can lead to murky looking water, foul smells, algae growth and a ton of floating debris. These may look awful, but they also play a role in the overall health of your water system. When you want the best results for your system, call a Puddle Pools technician for your North Vancouver water feature maintenance. 

You might be able to fill a new fountain with a garden hose, but this is just the beginning of your journey. When you want to keep your water fountain running smoothly throughout the year, it is important to consider routine cleaning practices, as well as seasonal deep cleans and regular assessments of water and mechanical condition. From an outdoor garden fountain, to pondless waterfalls or indoor models, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. 

Water Feature Care: Great Results, Inside and Out 

Unlike a simple bathtub or sink, keeping outdoor water features clean takes special care and attention. For example, when there is debris floating along surfaces, it is easy to spot problem areas and skim them out, but there are other threats going on just below the surface. Algae growth might start small, looking like a bit of dirt or debris, but it spreads quickly, taking over fountains. Mineral deposits or white scale can also begin to form, taking a toll on the overall condition of your water system. 

It is easy to focus on the areas that you can see, but what about those areas that are just out of view? Larger fountains are often tiered, making it difficult to spot issues forming on the top level. Our technicians have tools designed to help remove debris from these hard to reach areas. When you want in-depth results, it is also important to inspect and assess mechanical components regularly. 

When you want to clean your water, basic cleaning solutions won’t get the results that you want, but our Puddle technicians will! In order to better serve our communities, Puddle Pros create customized treatment plans, designed to cater to the unique needs of your system and surrounding areas. The right treatment plan can help to prevent algae, clear cloudy water and prolong the lifespan of your system. 

By keeping an eye on the weather, our experts can even plan for seasonal care. British Columbia might be known for mild winters, but that does not mean that we don’t see freezing temperatures. While you are tucked away, warm inside, your water feature is left out to the elements. By dropping the water level and removing detachable components, you can protect vulnerable components of your system, like the fountain pump. Taking an amateur approach to remove the pump can lead to serious (and expensive) damage, so leave it to the professionals. By calling an expert to drain the water, close and cover your fountain, or open it back up again when the sun begins to shine, you can prevent water damage, leaks and flooding to surrounding areas.

Water Fountain Cleaning: Only The Best From Puddle Pool Services 

Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your own water system, call an expert. After years in the industry, our team of highly experienced technicians are able to take the needs of your water system and break it down into a few simple steps that get great results. With competitive pricing, fully insured services and a track record for excellent results, there has never been a better time to call Puddle for your residential or commercial water fountain care and maintenance. 

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Ernest Momo
5 out of 5

I used puddle pool services to get my pool prepared for the fall season. They were very knowledgeable and maintained my pool for three years in a row. I high recommend them.

Asia Martynenko
5 out of 5

Gabriel has by far given us the best pool service. Very punctual and respectful. We have been told many times that we have a troubled pool with algae growing between services. Ever since Puddle Pool Services started servicing us in our house in West Vancouver - we have a beautiful pool with no issues!

kelisi us bao
5 out of 5

We recently had our pool cleaned by Puddle Pool Services, as we do every spring. The great quality of the work was performed by their capable team! I would recommend Puddle Pool Services to anyone who needs a hand with their pool cleaning!

Allison Lee
5 out of 5

Gabriel was easy to deal with and responsive. Arrived at stated time and was professional. Planning to use Puddle pool Services next year again. I would highly recommend them if you needed anything around your pool done.

Jean Philippe Sauvé
5 out of 5

Puddle Pool Services staff did an excellent job, on time, polite, and respectful of the property while cleaning our pool and hot tub. I would highly recommend the services they offer.

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