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North Vancouver is known for its beautiful views, and what could be better than enjoying them from the comfort of a backyard pool system? After months of cold weather and rain, property owners are keen to get water features up and running, and our Puddle Pros can help! Don’t miss a second of the swim season when you can call an expert for your North Vancouver pool opening service instead.

When you want to open your pool for spring, you can’t just remove the cover and jump in. After long periods of sitting idle, your pool water is likely murky, full of floating and sunken debris, and there are likely clogs within your filtration system. You might be able to vacuum the pool but when you want crystal clear water, free of contaminants and a water system that runs smoothly, call a Puddle Pro for great results.

Opening Your Pool For Spring: A Multi-Step Approach

Property owners are quick to call an expert for their seasonal pool maintenance when temperatures start to drop, but expert care is important when opening your pool system as well. In addition to keeping up with pool chemicals and water levels, it is important to keep an eye on the internal mechanisms of your system, pool equipment and structural condition. Hiring an expert for your pool opening means a safe and inviting swim space, without missing a beat.

Anyone can grab a garden hose and add water to swimming pools but treating water is a delicate balance. Simple test strips can help to identify issues with chlorine and sanitizers, but these often do not consider pH levels, total alkalinity or other chemical levels. Having your water tested by a professional will help to create a more well-rounded look at what is keeping your system imbalanced.

More than a basic pool cleaning, it is important to view systems as a bigger whole — and that means looking at pool equipment. Yes, caring for diving boards is important but the pump and filter are the core components that keep your circulation system in great shape. If clogs or blockages have formed it will restrict water flow throughout lines, forcing your system to work harder and adding strain to sensitive areas. Cleaning skimmer baskets, inspecting sensitive areas and drain plugs are all key to a successful opening. Part of closing your system during fall is winterizing plugs, so it is important to ensure these are opened back up to allow water flow.

Pool covers are often overlooked when opening or closing a system, but these can make a world of difference. Solid covers are preferred for colder months when pools are closed, but swapping these out for mesh covers in spring can help to regulate heat, cutting down on utility costs.

Puddle Pool Services: A Smooth Pool Opening, Every Time

Taking pool care into your own hands can seem like a great idea to cut costs on property maintenance, but before you reach for that test kit, consider the perks of calling a pro! Having an expert handle your opening can mean prolonging the lifespan of your materials, avoiding unnecessary damage, keeping swimmers safe and keeping repair costs down.

By offering cost-competitive rates, fully insured services and excellent customer service, our Puddle Pros are dedicated to creating safe swimming spaces throughout our community. With booking options available 24 hours a day, both by phone and online, Puddle technicians make your opening easy.

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Ernest Momo
5 out of 5

I used puddle pool services to get my pool prepared for the fall season. They were very knowledgeable and maintained my pool for three years in a row. I high recommend them.

Asia Martynenko
5 out of 5

Gabriel has by far given us the best pool service. Very punctual and respectful. We have been told many times that we have a troubled pool with algae growing between services. Ever since Puddle Pool Services started servicing us in our house in West Vancouver - we have a beautiful pool with no issues!

kelisi us bao
5 out of 5

We recently had our pool cleaned by Puddle Pool Services, as we do every spring. The great quality of the work was performed by their capable team! I would recommend Puddle Pool Services to anyone who needs a hand with their pool cleaning!

Allison Lee
5 out of 5

Gabriel was easy to deal with and responsive. Arrived at stated time and was professional. Planning to use Puddle pool Services next year again. I would highly recommend them if you needed anything around your pool done.

Jean Philippe Sauvé
5 out of 5

Puddle Pool Services staff did an excellent job, on time, polite, and respectful of the property while cleaning our pool and hot tub. I would highly recommend the services they offer.

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