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North Vancouver Seasonal Pool Maintenance

North Vancouver is known for its natural beauty, so it is no wonder that property owners and visitors want to spend their time outside. What could be better than soaking up the sunshine in an outdoor pool? No matter the time of year, water features require a lot of care and attention. If you are struggling to keep up, just call a Puddle Pool specialist!

Our team of highly trained experts provide professional North Vancouver seasonal pool maintenance for homes, communal spaces and even commercial properties. As seasons change, so do the needs of your pool. Our Puddle Pool specialists can help you Cannonball into clean, prolonging the lifespan of your spa while creating a safe and clean environment.

B.C. Pools and Spas : Meeting Your Needs

British Columbia is known for its scenery and green spaces, accessible year-round. Wth some of the most mild winters in Canada, outdoor swimming pools can be used for much longer throughout the year, closing late and opening early. The more use that you are getting out of your water feature, the more work is involved to take care of it.

It is simple enough to grab a pool skimmer and pull debris from surfaces but a swim spa or hot tub requires much more than just that! As seasons change, it is more important than ever to keep up with a routine. More than just removing floating items, proper pool care means checking circulation systems, working to prevent algae growth, monitoring skimmer baskets and checking sanitizer and chlorine levels.

Even with a manual in-hand, seasonal pool care is a complicated process. The water inside your pool and spa can be compromised fairly easily, so keeping up with chemicals and cleaning is key. In addition to that, pH levels have to be monitored and pool equipment should be taken care of, according to the season. If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is – but not for our Puddle specialists!

Treatment By Season : Open and Close

As soon as winter weather begins to break, it is a race to open your pool. Whether you are looking to open up in Spring or close it up in Fall, there is a long list of tasks that have to happen first:

Opening Up: Over the course of winter, pool covers are often littered with debris and there is likely algae spreading underneath. Trying to open too quickly can result in clogged filters and skimmer baskets or can leave harmful algae behind. During this period, water testing needs to be performed and shock treatments need to be done to ensure safe and clean water.

Closing Down: The process of closing down a pool should begin about a week before temperatures dip into freezing. This means working to balance water, managing chlorine, alkalinity and pH. Wash down interior walls and flooring and reduce water levels.

These big projects are not the beginning and end of pool cleaning and maintenance but are just the tip of iceberg. Having these major projects done property sets the tone for your water feature throughout the year, so make sure that they are done properly!

North Vancouver Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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