Chilliwack Water Feature Maintenance

No matter where you go, beautiful water features can always draw a crowd. Bright lights and crystal clear water are great for ambience but it is not always easy to to keep these water features in good order. Managing an indoor water fountain is different than a garden fountain, and it can take years to learn the difference. Luckily, the team of pool pros at Puddle have done the work for you! When you want the best for your space, call Puddle for expert Chilliwack water feature maintenance.

Whether indoors or out, there are always unexpected items ending up in your fountains. Plants and fountains often go hand-in-hand, meaning there is always organic debris nearby. From leaves and twigs to pennies thrown in for luck, there is always something weighing on your system. Professional service can help to protect your water chemistry and your structure from mineral deposits, scale and algae growth.

The Importance of Water Fountain Care

Try as you might to create a barrier between your fountain and outside influences, it can feel impossible. Even if you cover the fountain and surrounding areas in an effort to keep debris out, there will always be items sneaking in. In an effort to keep your system running smoothly, it is important to not only skim surfaces, but to care for fountain pumps and mechanisms, as well.

Many property owners are quick to apply chemicals to pools in order to maintain a safe swimming area, but fountains often do not get the attention that they deserve. Even a bit of water imbalance can lead to discoloured water and even a negative impact on circulation systems.

Algae buildup not only looks terrible but it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on construction materials around the fountain itself. As much as an indoor fountain is not meant for swimming, it does not always stop people from sticking their hands inside. In addition to looking great, crystal clear water helps to keep passersby safe and reduce the risk of liability issues associated with potential illness. Keeping your fountain running and keep tenants and guests safe by calling a professional for your regular care and maintenance.

Expert Water Fountain Cleaning: Calling the Pros

An outdoor water fountain might be the right choice for a park or golf course but when you are ready to bring nature inside, a wall fountain or standing structure is just the ticket. No matter the size of your feature, water fountain cleaning is a must, not only for water condition but for the overall condition itself.

Fountain maintenance is not as simple as dropping in chemicals or sanitizers, but requires in-depth inspection of filtration systems and that is why professional care is highly recommended. Without the right approach, trying to clean the pump can result in costly damage. Fully insured staff prevent unnecessary damage and provide peace of mind, all while getting great results.

Fountains require a trained eye and expert care. and that is exactly what you can expect from the highly trained technicians at Puddle Pool Services.

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Martina Kalášková
5 out of 5

If you are looking for a professional and quality service for your equipment, Puddle is the best choice. I used their service for the pre winter maintanance, and I was very happy with their approach from the initial communication with the customer service to the service itself. Steve was on time and except the service we paid for, he gave us some uselfull advice how to take care of the equipment. Highly recommend!

Denisa Šatalíková
5 out of 5

Steve has by far given us the best pool service! Very professional and respectful, always on time. Ever since Puddle Pool Services started servicing us in our house, we have a beautiful pool with no issues! :) Thank you!

Stephanie Ponzini
5 out of 5

I'm glad there's somwhere to go to so I don't have to worry about our hot tub. They take all the work out of it and just let you enjoy! Highly recommend, ask for Jaqueline

Stefan Lukacovsky
5 out of 5

I was impressed with the quality and professionalism and can just highly recommend this business. Well done and thank you again. Famed was amazing

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