Chilliwack Pool Leak Detection

Nothing can ruin the summer season faster than a leak in your swimming pool. Even a small leak is enough to shut down swim spaces in homes and commercial properties all across Chilliwack. Over time, a drip in a plumbing line can cause significant water damage behind the scenes but a swimming pool leak loses more water in a minute than a dripping pipe will in a whole day. If you are dealing with unexplained water loss call Puddle for your Chilliwack pool leak detection services at the first sign of trouble.

The longer that a leak is allowed to persist, the more damage that it will cause. Even after realizing that you are dealing with water loss, it is incredibly difficult to find a leak, especially if it is underground. If a plumbing leak is happening behind the scenes, it takes speciality equipment and technical training to track the issue down — luckily, our team of highly trained experts have both at the ready!

Swimming Pool Leak Detection: What to Watch Out For & How to Get Results

Swimming pools are complicated structures with many moving parts, all of which can leak! Some leaks stem from structural damage, pool liners can experience tears or plumbing can begin to leak. If you notice that plumbing, heating and daily running costs are on the rise, it is another sign that you may be losing water.

In addition to your water bill going up, leaks will lead to expensive damage and even a loss of revenue in a commercial space. Instead of struggling to refill and balance water, call Puddle for insight into how to track down those dangerous leaks. If leaks go untreated they put increased costs and cause unnecessary wear and tear to internal water systems and surrounding areas. When water levels drop, pool pumps struggle to keep up with the change, requiring more energy and effort on these mechanisms. A shift in weight will put undue pressure on areas and cause warping and breakage.

In the past, pool owners have relied on the bucket test to determine if they are losing water. The goal of this is to measure water loss and determine whether or not it is basic evaporation or something more serious. If done properly, this can help to identify water loss but it can’t locate the leak.

Pressure testing is used to identify leaks in plumbing while a dye test will point out structural cracks. Prolonged application of air streams will move through plumbing lines, showcasing water bubbles where there are leaks. In the case of an underground leak, saturated soil or escaping air will create gurgling sounds. Dye is heavier than water so in the event of a leak, it will be sucked into the vacuum that a leak creates. It is then possible to follow the dye and track down the issue.

Leak Detection in Pools: Getting the Best Results With Puddle

If you are losing pool water by the minute, quick service is key to preserving your swim space and the surrounding areas. With experience in above ground pools, inground models, salt and chlorine pools, in residential and commercial spaces, our team of local pool pros can handle it all. Each member of the team is outfitted with a wide range of industry tools designed to track down leaks in even the hardest to reach areas. From here, our team of Puddle Pros provide insight into leak repairs and can help to organize a lasting fix.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Chilliwack area, so we understand the common issues facing pool plumbing and structures, like tree roots and physical damage. We are committed to getting the best results for homes and businesses in our community so we never let a leak get the better of us. With years of industry experience, a wide network of resources and top of the line industry tools, our experts can track down even the toughest of leaks.

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