Chilliwack Seasonal Pool Maintenance

No great home addition comes along without a bit of maintenance and this goes for water features as well. Whether you have a newly installed pool or are looking to care for an older model, as seasons change, pools require a lot of attention. When you want the best results for your space, call Puddle Pools for your Chilliwack seasonal pool maintenance. 

Hot temperatures call for a quick dip in the pool but this does not come without a proper pool opening. More than just rolling away a pool cover, getting your water ready requires chemical balancing, surface scrubbing and a proper inspection of filters and circulation systems. If this sounds like a lot – that’s because it is! Instead of struggling to keep up with regular openings and closing, call a Puddle Pool specialist for your maintenance-only pool needs. 

The Seasonal Needs of Your Swimming Pool 

In order to better care for your in-ground or above ground pool, it is important to check in with the climate and the time of year. A calendar can’t offer all the necessary insight into the needs of your pool but a Puddle Pools expert can! 

Spring: After a long winter, many swimming pool owners are itching to get their systems up and running. This is true of personal systems around homes and for communal areas where tenants might want to make the most out of warming weather. Traditionally, a pool and spa opens up during the May long weekend. 

In order to properly prepare your water feature, it is important to take the time to properly balance chemicals, scrub pool walls and make sure that circulation systems are running properly. In addition to examining these key components, it is important to look out for signs of algae that may have formed over the cold season, treating them properly to avoid any health related issues. 

Fall: The September long weekend is a key time for pool closings. Instead of just pulling a pool cover over water surfaces and walking away, the closing process takes time and careful consideration. No one wants to open their pool in spring to find their system overrun with algae. This makes monitoring chlorine levels and applying shock treatments important to carry your water feature through even the most frigid winters. 

Water levels should also be dropped to prevent damage and any removal items should be taken out and stored. Leaving metal items like ladders sitting in water can lead to rusting and damage. Skimmer baskets, pool toys and pool vacuums should all be removed before your closing process begins. 

Seasonal Pool Care: Setting Your System Up for Success 

There are many different types of pools out there. From lap pools to wading pools, kiddie pools and deep pools, there is nothing that our Puddle specialists can’t handle. Test strips and kits are a dime a dozen at hardware and pool supply stores but these are not always easy to use. Even if you can read test kits, they do not always account for what is already in your water. Professional pool care means treating algae before it grows out of control, as well as keeping filtration systems in the best possible condition. 

In addition to offering regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance throughout the year, Puddle Pool specialists are able to treat your water features according to the season! Rain or shine, there is never a bad time to call! 

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