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A pool is a great addition to any property, both for enjoyment and for property values. Just like any home addition, anything good comes along with hard work and maintenance. Taking a dip is a great way to unwind after a long work day but having to scrub and sanitize water features can be stressful, so leave it to a professional! 

Expert Chilliwack pool cleaning services can help to keep your system in great shape and maintain a sanitary environment for friends, guests, tenants and anyone else who might enjoy your space. Regular cleaning and pool care prevents algae, maintains water chemistry and can help to keep on top of proper pool chemistry. 

The Many Parts of Proper Pool Maintenance 

Leaves and organics littering water surfaces is a common sight. It does not take much to grab a skimmer and take care of floating debris but when you want to properly clean your system, skimming is only the tip of the iceberg. Just the same way that there is floating debris, there is sinking debris as well. Leaving unwanted items on the bottom of your pool can leave stains behind on a vinyl liner, ruining the look of your space and potentially causing damage. 

Managing pool chemicals is another key component of keeping your system running smoothly. Balanced sanitizers and chlorine levels keep bacteria at bay and prevents the spread of algae. Without the right level of sanitizers, pool water can become a health hazard. In the case where algae has begun to form, algaecides should be applied immediately using the right techniques and amounts. 

A test kit or test strips might alert you to issues with sanitizers or other chemicals but it cannot help to inspect your filtration system. Without proper pool circulation, it is only a matter of time until there is an accumulation of harmful bacteria. The most common areas for bacteria to collect and algae to form are around corners and stairs. If you have concerns that your system is not filtering or circulating properly, call a professional for a bit of guidance. 

Puddle Pool Specialists: Swimming Pool Experts 

Throughout the year, there are different types of pool cleanings. Spot cleans and skimming can be done daily to weekly while deep cleans are less frequent but highly important. Basic machines like vacuums might suck up basic bits and pieces of debris but do not do much in terms of removing trickier things like residue. 

Deep cleaning requires lowering water levels and performing proper inspections and assessments of your water feature. Even a seemingly simple task like draining pools can end in disaster if not done properly. Any time chemicals come into contact with lawns or gardens, it means destruction. A ruined lawn means costly repairs and replacements, so leave the task up to a Puddle specialist and get the peace of mind that comes along with it. 

Your pool water needs to be measured for alkalinity, hardness and sanitizer levels, which demand working pool pumps and beyond. Even though water might look clear enough, this does not always mean that there is not work to be done. Just running your pump is not enough to maintain a clean system but our Puddle Pool specialists know all the necessary tricks of the trade to take care of your space. 

The Puddle Pools Guarantee 

Choosing Puddle Pool specialists for your cleaning services means more than dropping a chlorine puck or granules and walking away. Our team of highly trained pool specialists provide comprehensive service that covers pool filters, the condition of water, sanitizer and pH levels and everything that could have a an impact on your water feature. 

Pools come in a variety of shapes and styles, each with their own level of traffic. Communal areas tend to have a high rate of day-to-day usage while backyard features might be used less often. In either case, proper care can help to reduce the threat of unnecessary risk to structures and health. 

In order to best suit the unique needs of our clients, Puddle Pool crews offer a tiered service system that allows you to choose the option that best suits your space. In a high traffic area, systems may need weekly cleaning and care while bi-weekly or even monthly may suit other pools just fine. Whether you have a backyard pool or spa, a communal swimming pool or are looking to care for a commercial space or rec centre, cannonball into clean with a bit of help from a Puddle Pool crew. 

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