Chilliwack Hot Tub Maintenance

Installing a hot tub or spa can help to boost the enjoyment and curb appeal of any property. After all, who doesn’t like taking a soak at the end of a long, hard day? There is no question that a clean spa has health benefits like stress reduction – but that is only when they are well maintained. Whether at home or in a communal space, Puddle Pool specialists can help you cannonball into clean! 

Professional Chilliwack hot tub maintenance can help to maintain a safe and sanitary environment but it can also help to prolong the lifespan of your water features. Making regular cleaning and care a part of your routine can help to prevent unnecessary damage, saving owners money and a whole lot of headache. 

Why Should You Clean Your Hot Tub? 

There are certain chores that can be put off for a while but hot tub cleaning should not be one of them. In addition to murky water, a bit of neglect can result in serious health hazards and damage to the spa itself. Missing a single pool cleaning can result in your water going from crystal clear to teal and missing more can leave bacteria behind. 

Spas can be great for entertaining but with every body that enters your hot tub, quality takes a dip. Hair and body products, sunscreen, skin cells and hair all leave their make on your system. Because of these foreign items, it is extremely important that filtration systems are working to properly circulate these items out. 

Without functioning hot tub filters and pumps, bacteria just sits and this can lead to a dangerous environment to spend time in. It does not take much for algae to take hold in a closed environment. In a lake or pond, algae can build slowly but in a closed space, algae can take over in no time at all. More than looking terrible, algae growth can create an unsanitary space that leads to health hazards. 

There are plenty of ways for water features to become damaged and neglect is just one of them. Try as you might, it can be difficult to keep up with proper spa care. From spot cleans to deep cleans, it all takes time, effort and physical ability, which you may not have all at once. Get peace of mind and great results by calling a Puddle Pool specialist. 

Spot Treatments Vs. Deep Cleans 

Noticing a bit of residue or discolouration on a hot tub cover or shell can encourage you to grab a rag and scrub away but what about the rest of your system? Just below the water line there can be spotting, residue and algae growth that go unnoticed over long periods. Instead of letting these things slide, it is always a good idea to implementing a full clean that requires draining your hot tub. 

Spot Treatments: Brushes play an important role in preserving the condition of your spa. Scrubbing away at sitting dirt or residue is important in the same way that proper water balance is important. Making these superficial cleanings a weekly routine help to maintain good aesthetics and a clean environment. Frequent check-ins can also help to keep an eye on sanitizer levels in your hot tub water. When you need to test the waters, ditch the test strips and trust an expert. 

Deep Clean: In order to keep your system running smoothly, it is important to drain and clean your tub as needed. Without any resistance, it is possible to scrub, treat and inspect every inch of your shell, cover and any attached equipment within your spa. In addition to refilling tubs, Puddle Pool crews clean filters and spa water can be treated properly. Starting off on the right foot means a complete balance of sanitizers like chlorine or bromine. 

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, Excellent Customer Service 

If you are a hot tub owner in the Metro Vancouver area, there is no one better to call for your maintenance only needs, than a Puddle Pool specialist. From Chilliwack to Abbotsford, Mission and all across the Fraser Valley, there is always an expert in your area. No matter the size or style of your pool, there is nothing that our highly-trained Puddle crews can’t handle. 

Providing the best service to our clients means catering to any and all spa styles, from back yard hot tubs to communal areas around condos or apartments and even commercial spaces like recreation centres. Tiered services mean having options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning routines.

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