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A swimming pool is an attractive selling feature for any property — and why wouldn’t it be? A backyard pool is a great place to entertain, get some exercise or just kick back and relax, until you have to clean it! An outdoor pool is always at the mercy of the elements and that means dealing with debris, changing weather and high growth rates. Anyone can skim the surface of a pool to get rid of unwanted floating items but when you want a clean swim space, you’d better call Puddle. Expert Chilliwack residential pool services remove debris, keep water crystal clear, and protects pools for unnecessary strain.

At a glance, pool care at home seems simple enough but there is much more to it than meets the eye. All it takes is one vacation away to send your swimming pool into a tailspin. Improper chemical applications, forgetting to skim out debris and even a small tear in a vinyl liner can lead to a serious issue and a major headache. Instead of struggling through the DIY process, trust an expert to get the best results for your swim space.

Residential Pool Care: Getting to Know the Needs of Your Pool

When properly maintained a pool can have a positive impact on your enjoyment, lifestyle and even the curb appeal of your home or commercial property. If pools are not kept clean they not only look awful, they are health hazards as well. In order to keep swimming pools looking their best, it is important to address your water system on multiple levels, from top to bottom and the behind-the-scenes systems that keep water flowing.

Water Chemistry: Water balance is about more than just chlorine levels. Without the right kind of pool chemicals, even newly cleaned water is at risk of contamination. A simple testing kit can help to point out superficial issues but when you want sanitary swim spaces, it is important to have water tested by an expert.

Debris Removal: Debris buildup can happen in outdoor and indoor pools but when outside, swim spaces are more at risk. Lighter items like leaves will float along water surfaces while heavier items sink to the bottom of your pool. A standard pool vacuum can help to suck up small items from the middle of pool floors but they are not built to get into corners or navigate tight angles. Pool filters are hard at work every single day but they need support too! Cartridge filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced while sand filters will need to be emptied and new sand put in.

Pool Circulation Systems: No matter how clean your pool water might be, without water flow it will be dirty again in no time. Pool pumps, motors and plumbings lines are what keep your water circulating. If water is not circulating in the pool basin, chemicals are not being dispersed properly throughout. This means bacteria can collect in certain areas. When you want to keep your pool cleaner over longer periods, it is important not to overlook cleaning the filter.

When you want the best results for your swim space, ditch the basic test strips and call an expert for a professional routine pool cleaning program.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Cleaning in the Chilliwack Area

No matter the type of pool that you are dealing with, keeping up with a cleaning schedule is important to the overall health of your water systems. Pool maintenance not only improves the look of your swim space, it can prolong lifespans and reduce daily running costs. A clean and flowing water system allows water to pass through without strain, using less energy. A clean swimming pool benefits your property in a variety of ways and our Puddle Pros are here to help!

Puddle technicians are committed to getting great results for homes and commercial properties throughout the Chilliwack area. Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to protect properties, crews and surrounding areas.

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